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There’s nothing quite like coming back from a holiday to a pile of work the size of Kilimanjaro…its about as fun as a slap in the face. There should be laws to enforce a slow ease back into a 5 day work week after a holiday! I had intended on doing this post sooner, but better late than never I guess…

London was, and is fantastic. Our 7 days away were refreshing and inspiring in many ways. For me particularly it was being in an international city with a great creative vibe and attending several world class events. My first ever visit to 100% Design and Decorex were certainly not disappointing. I’m sure I don’t need to give a blow by blow account of the two days I spent with my jaw dragging along the ground, but I will give you my highlights and favorites.

100% Design to me was a typical European fair – all about quality, not quantity. I was completely inspired by all the new up-coming designers and the vast range of products on show. The one stand that has stuck in my mind might’ve been the smallest, but I’m totally in love with the surfaces created by Giles Miller. Each and every one of his surfaces on show was totally creative and unique – but I can’t get past his cardboard butterflies (below).

Decorex was also completely inspiring. I’m totally digging the collections and new products that were shown by Fromental, Sommerville Scott, Collection Pierre, CTO Lighting, and especially the new coloured vellum tables by Julian Chichester (below).

After a morning of wandering around in what seemed like a haze – which I can only liken to a drug overdose – I spent too little time browsing at Potterton Books and then had the pleasure of hearing John Minshaw speak about his work. After an inspiring and thoroughly entertaining introduction to his career we were treated to images of his never before published home in the English countryside. Pure bliss. It’s going to take a lot to top a day like that!

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