A new year, a new you. A new decade, a new…?

I’m sure I echo everyone else’s sentiments by remarking on how fast last year seemed to fly by…let alone the whole decade. I still think of the 90’s as a few years ago…how frightening! I am so excited about the possibilities for this year though, starting the new year in my own business venture is quite thrilling. I won’t bore you with my resolutions…or lack of….but I will fill you in on a few plans and news.

1) The Studio Annetta website will soon be finished! A bio and the beginnings of a portfolio will be available online by the end of the month, so anyone wishing to hire me will be able to take a look. My contact details are already there, and a more comprehensive CV / Portfolio is available upon request.
2) As part of my portfolio I will be uploading the remainder of the “Studio Apartment” renovation project I posted about last year here, here and here for everyone to finally see (Thanks for your patience!), along with a project I’ve been working on recently.

3) Move into an office space. Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying working from home, especially while the weather is so cold. And as much as I love having my two cats here with me all day…I’m discovering that is not easy sharing a space with two animals who have a mind of their own. Between them wailing at me for food or cuddles or more food and perching themselves on my lap or the desk (their preference is between the keyboard and the monitor, or right on top of the mouse…) its not an environment conducive to working at the moment. And then there are the multitude of books, magazines and samples that have overtaken our spare room. So this goal is definitely a priority…and I certainly wouldn’t mind if it ended up looking something like the space below.

So stay tuned for more news and updates, and thanks as always for tuning in!

Gallerist Patrick Seguin‘s stunning Paris apartment photographed by Marc Seelen for Elle Decoration (UK) Feb 2010 issue.

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