Beatiful bedheads – part 1

In winter there are not many things that I like better than to curl up in bed with a good book – or a pile of magazines -as we don’t have a heater in our apartment (no, I’m not kidding, we just don’t need them here usually) its one of the only places to get warm at this time of year. This feeling of wanting to hibernate has got me thinking of my dream bed. I definitely love an upholstered headboard, and I’m a bit of a fan of bedheads that look soft, comfy and a little like a sofa. I guess its the sense of being enveloped by something. So here are a few of my picks…

Antique french bedhead in the apartment of Zhang Toi – upholstered in a Loro Piana cashmere

Bedroom by Todd Alexander Romano

Bed designed by Thomas Pheasant for Baker furniture

Bedroom in a showflat by HK based Steve Leung

The genius of Steven Sclaroff

Two images from Ralph Lauren home collections

Bed by Oly studio

An interior by Kelly Wearstler

A room by Jay Jeffers – this is getting closer to what I like about a headboard…needs a bit more padding for me, but I like the shape.

Classic shaped bed from Grace Home Furnishings

An old image from my style files – sorry I’ve forgotten the source!

Two beds by Frank Roop, like this second one, it looks a bit like a hotel room set up, but it still has a warmth about it.

Long and low bedhead by Fox-Nahem design

Suede magic from Eric Cohler – getting closer.
A guest room at Eichardt’s Hotel in Queenstown, New Zealand. I’d love a fur throw at the end of my bed. Faux, of course.

Two sweet as can be beds, from Domino magazine

Cozy and warm looking bedroom, and a very snug looking bedhead, in an interior by Darren Henault – this is pretty close too. I love the choice of colours in this room, its definitely a good room for winter!

Bedroom by Beale Lana interiors

Now we’re talking… I LOVE this bedhead. Diamond buttoning, its nice and high (good for sitting up and reading), and the fabric looks nice and soft too. Another from my style files…can’t remember the source for this one…and I know its been blogged about a few times already…

Another two old images from my style files, although I think the 2nd one is from Domino magazine.
Stay tuned for the 2nd installment…

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