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One of the unexpected advantages of writing this blog is the many wonderful and talented people I have met, either in the real world, or the online one. Thomas Furse-Roberts of Boundary Space is one of those people. If he hadn’t sent a lovely tweet about the blog I wouldn’t have even known they existed. Although considering their talent, I’m sure I would have discovered them myself eventually. Boundary Space, in case you don’t know, is a small architectural and interior design practice based in Fulham, London, specialising in creating one off residential projects with interiors which reflect the personalities of their clients and the spirit of the project’s location.  The company was founded by Thomas Furse-Roberts and Graeme Martinow, and with them both being Architects their projects tend to have a strong architectural leaning with an emphasis on detail and materials. Details and materials. Two of my favorite things.
Mr Furse-Roberts has been kind enough to share some photos of a recently completed project in Notting Hill.  He says of the project, “It was a traditional London town house in which we tried to create a beautiful architectural ‘white’ box in which pieces of art and furniture could be shown off. In order to create the modern open plan living space within the existing house, which our client required, we demolished walls but chose to retain and restore ceilings, cornices and architectural detailing in a period manner so that the house is both contemporary but aware of its historic context.”
Just fablous. And check out those materials and details. That last photo almost made me do a backflip…

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