“Butter yellow” and food as colour inspiration

I was flicking through old copies of Elle Decor over the weekend and came across one of my favorite interiors, the apartment of NY ceramicist Christopher Spitzmiller. He says his choice of wall colour for the living room was based on the colour of an egg yolk, and was inspired by an interior by Nancy Lancaster of a similar colour. It’s been said that Sister Parish chose the colour of Babe Paley’s living room walls based on the colour of NY taxi cabs, but it seems to me to be a very lemon custard kind of colour, and something that would be delicious to live with. The idea of painting walls the colour of your favorite food is probably not a new idea, but it certainly seems like a good one. If you’ve had a favorite food for a long time then surely that says you wouldn’t get sick of having the colour around. So…by that reasoning…what colour would I paint my walls? Mango? Avocado? Strawberry? or maybe Chocolate. Hmmm. That’s tricky.

Images of Christopher Spitzmillers apartment, from Elle Decor December 2006.

Interior by Nancy Lancaster, from the book “Nancy Lancaster: English country house style” by Martin Wood.

Image of Babe Paley’s apartment by Parish-Hadley, from the book “Albert Hadley: the story of America’s preeminent interior designer” by Adam Lewis.

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