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IKEA + Ilse Crawford = LOVE!

I’m so sorry for the radio silence everyone…I can’t believe its been a few months since my last post. Yikes!

So I know this collaboration between IKEA and Studio Ilse is kinda all over the internet but I couldn’t help repost it. All I’m going to say is that I’ll be lining up over night before it launches here (god, I hope it does make it to HK!)…I’ve started mentally preparing a shopping list already. I’m definitely getting some of those cork stools, probably a few of the low benches, and I’ll definitely be stocking up on all the accessories…loving the glass jars and vessels…and hopefully loving the IKEA price…












Good morning folks! I saw this lovely little invention on Est this morning. The beautiful ‘simply bathroom set’ was designed by fellow Melbournians Groupwork and was exhibited at Milan this year. What a gorgeous and versatile way to organise and personalise your bathroom! I’m completely smitten!

Bo Concept – Danish design in HK

Bo Concept, the celebrated Danish design retailer opened its doors in Hong Kong officially yesterday. Situated on busy Wyndham Street, in an airy two storey space, Bo Concept brings a selection of much needed well priced furnishings to Hong Kong. They have a range of timeless Scandinavian designs that also cleverly cater to space challenged apartments. Perfect for this city!

These were a few of my faves….

The Hamilton Armchair, show in leather with oak legs, also available in a range of fabrics or with stainless steel legs. I prefer this combination though, its a classic Scandinavian look.

The Granada extendable dining table. Extendable tables are a great option for small spaces, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a round extendable table before, certainly not one with such a smooth mechanism. Its easily done by one person.

So next time you are wandering down Wyndham Street heading out for a drink, duck into Bo Concept. Its definitely worth a look.

Plum & Cog by Dixon

I’m absolutely loving the look of these new collections by British designer Tom Dixon. Launching officially at Maison & Objet in Paris later this month, but I couldn’t wait to share them with you. I am planning to go back again to M&O this year, but in September. I’m also planning to go to the inaugural Singapore event in March. Anyone else going?

Cog collection
Plum collection

here are a few of my favorite things….

I don’t normally do gift guides…so lets just call this a few of my favorite things…now, hubby dear, if you did want to get me something for Xmas…any or all of these would do 😉

And yes, I’m still obsessed with brass.

Habibi brass tray tables, from E15
Thin brass frame lounge chair, from Lawson Fenning
Serving utensils, from Schoolhouse Electric
Roule’ 37cm brass tray, from Discipline
Brass pie serving set, from West Elm
Cheese knife set, also from West Elm
Waterford Ice Bucket, from Horchow
“Gormam” gold luster 5 piece cutlery set, also from Horchow
Ilse Crawford bowl for Georg Jensen

mirror, mirror, on the wall…

As I get older I get less and less keen to spend any serious time in front of a mirror…as I’m sure we all do. But, I still love me a good mirror for decorative purposes. And here are just a few on my recent lust list…

 A few personal faves from Belgian designer Herve van der Straeton via Ralph Pucci


 Brass mirrors by Japanese designer Morie Nishimura & NIAA
 The Domestic and Scie mirrors from Domestic
 Francis mirror by Constance Guisset
William Emmerson via Ralph Pucci
 Blue resin mirror by Louis Durot
 Reve mirror from by Koket
 Miroir Facette by Ingrid Donat
A couple by Marianna Kennedy


 A few beauties by UK based Sam Orlando Miller
A selection of designs by French designer Hubert Le Gall
Jacques Adnet mirrors via Gubi
Plasterwork mirror by Stephen Antonson

riva, arriba!

can you handle one more brass post?
I’ve fallen head over heels in love with the products of Brazilian manufacturer, riva. Currently stocked in Lane Crawford for you Hong Kongers, although you’d better hurry because the brass is selling out fast! I couldn’t help myself…I snagged a lovely cake stand and water jug…and now I want the cutlery, and the champagne bucket, and….

Ilse Crawford for Georg Jensen

I’m loving these new designs by Ilse Crawford for Georg Jensen. The “precious” collection consists of bowls, vases, boxes and a candle holder, available in luxe finishes like brass (my current fave, as seen in the images below), copper or stainless steel. Each piece is as refined as the next, and have been designed with the idea of bringing poetry to everyday living. I think I need one of each!

El Casco

Any of you who read this blog on a semi regular basis will be familiar with my current obsession with all things brass, and (or especially) desk accessories. I recently stumbled upon the Spanish brand El Casco which is stocked in Hong Kong by Papyrus. They have a pretty big selection of desk top accessories in different finishes, but of course it was the brass that caught my eye. Actually, its a gold finish, which normally would make me go into convulsions, but I think in the right space it would look amazing. Anyhow, I splurged and picked myself up a tape dispenser and some scissors. They are definitely a little more gold than the other bits and pieces I’ve got, but I’m kinda hoping they’ll tarnish a little over time. I’m still thinking about the hole punch and stapler from their range…I like the look of them but am wondering if it might look more fun to have more of a mix on my desk.

Don’t let these images fool you, they’re a little dated looking, but in real life I think they’re quite stunning!

* NB the El Casco range is also available in Hong Kong in the new Harvey Nichols store in Pacific Place!

Splendid Spina’s pretty passamenterie

I think I’ve had a closet fascination for passamenterie ever since I found out the meaning of the word…about 15 years ago. My love for passamenterie has meant I’ve tried to use them in my projects whenever I could, but the lack of more modern designs tended to limit their use to more traditional style interiors, until quite recently. A great tie-back or tassel, in my opinion, is like jewellery for a room. In the same way a knock-out necklace can make an average outfit look a million bucks, a jazzy little tassel will give a curtain or a window just a little more pizazz.
There are not many passamenterie companies left in the world who still hand make their products, but Spina (of the UK) is one of the few remaining and I’ve had my eye on them for a while. Not only are they making great contemporary designs, but they’re making them with unusual and luxurious materials. Their latest collection “Temari” uses eggshells, hand-woven rattan amongst others, and prevoius collections have made use coral, crystal, goose and ostrich feathers, mother of pearl, semi precious stones and Mink fur!
Check out the latest collection…

Threading on Eggshells Tie-back

Hand-woven Rattan Tie-back
Black Temari Tie-back
Now Spina is lending their crafty skills to embellishing cushions….
Assorted cushions from the Embellished collection>

the lovely “Coronet” cushion

and the lovely “Blossom” cushion

To die for. I think I’ll take one of each thanks….

Aire del Sur

I’ve had this apartment in my mind for a while now…ever since I first saw it published in Australia’s Vogue Living quite some time ago. It was such a delight to see more photos published this month in the Spanish Architectural Digest, and even more of a delight to find out who resides here.

Argentinian designer Marcelo Lucini is not only the resident and designer of this amazing apartment in Buenos Aires, but also the man behind the seriously chic furniture and accessories company Aire del Sur. This is a man who has managed to make home furnishings look sexy…

see? this picture is not advertising apparel….nice change, huh?

Anyway, I digress. TheAiredelSur line of furnishings is made from luxurious materials in classic forms, and I’m totally in love with the Anders desk and tables, made from iron and parchment….

Head on over to his website for more if this takes your fancy 😉

I’m back!

I had such a great time in Tokyo with friends, but it sure is nice to be home. Thanks to everyone for your comments and suggestions about what to do, but I actually lived in Tokyo for 3 years before I moved to Hong Kong, so was hardly a tourist. However, it had been 6 years since we left and this was my first time back since then. I’d forgotten much of the Japanese I knew, but that’s what Sake is good for 😉 While we did get a sneak peek of the cherry blossoms (see the photo below I took at Shinjuku Gyoen Park) the weather was much colder than normal for spring. The weather was warming up as we left so I have a feeling there will be lots of Hanami parties all over Tokyo this weekend. Apart from attending our lovely friend’s wedding we made it to the Tsukiji fish market and managed to eat and drink way to much for the entire trip.

And somehow I found time for a little bit of shopping too….

Remember this post I did a few months ago about the lovely sculptural bottle openers by Oji Design? I had a few comments about where to purchase them. Well, I just couldn’t resist, and picked up this little treasure. I got mine from Saya in Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi, however you can also order them online from the All About Style Store. I’m happy to report that it’s as functional as it is beautiful.

Speaking of which, I don’t remember if Japan has always had a great range of stylish desk accessories, but I saw so much great stationery and desk top items and wanted to buy them all! One particular brand I have posted about before, Craft Design Technology, has this super chic brass desk set which I couldn’t find in store while I was there, but I did stock up on some of their pens and notebooks. Their new website has a list of stockists in Japan and elsewhere as well as a list of online stores.

Another brand whose desk accessories I fell in love with was Romeo which I saw at Ito-ya, also at Midtown. Their designs were super chic and looked really sturdy, especially this desk top pencil sharpener. Perfect for a designer or anyone else who draws a lot.

I will definitely be stocking up next time I go back, which hopefully will not be another 6 years away!

Just in time for the silly season…

…not that I have ever needed an excuse to drink!

Totally loving these beautifully crafted bottle openers by Japanese company Oji – they’re practical and sculptural!

Love too!

Stunning leather desk set from the italian luggage makers Giorgio Fedon. It’s the perfect shade of orange, and has so many accessories with it I wouldn’t even know what to use them for.

Expect a few more of these desk accessory related posts…I’m thinking about how to re-configure our spare room to fit 2 desks for both my husband and I to work from…at the moment I’m working from our dining table and it ain’t workin!


This chic desk set from Japanese stationary maker Craft Design Technology. I want! Off to find a stockist in Hong Kong…otherwise it might have to wait til my next trip to Tokyo!