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My Hong Kong

I can leave you with one more thing to read today…my profile on the popular Hong Kong blog Eclectic Cool, written by the lovely fellow aussie Joanne Pereira.  Click on the link to read the rest of the feature…


Thank you!

Thanks to Betsy Hendrikx from the From Betsy With Love blog for passing on the Brillante Blogger award to me!! How sweet!

Apparently the “rules” for the brilliant award are (this is all new to me):
1) When received, you may post the premio to you blog
2) Link to the blogger you received it from
3) Pass on to 7 blogs
4) Link to those 7 blogs
5)…and leave those seven bloggers a comment about receiving the brilliant premio.

So here are my picks:

1. The Peak of Chic
2. Habitually Chic
3. Maison 21
4. All The Best
5. Mrs Blandings
6. Absolutely Beautiful Things
7. Decorno