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Robert Migotto

My pinterest feed has been littered with images from previously unknown to me designer, Roberto Migotto,  for weeks now. Further investigation of the Brazilian architect’s website does not disappoint. The clean, crisp, minimal spaces filled with pieces of varying styles and from different eras reminds me a little of the work of fellow antipodeans BKH and David Hicks. I hope you enjoy!


Sao Paolo suprise

Hey folks, sorry I’ve been quiet, I’ve had some issues the last few days trying to upload images to Blogger. Seems like the problem is finally solved…So, today I’m very happy to share with you images of this lovely Soa Paolo apartment that is the home and workspace of architect and designer, Robert Robl.  At only 40m2 its on the small side, however I think Robert has done a great job making the space feel open and airy, and I love his mix of vintage furniture.  I particularly love the blue chair in the second image, and the wall colour in the last image!

Casa Cor Rio

So lets take a skip and a jump up from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro…to the annual Casa Cor exhibition.  I posted the space by Juliana Vasconcellos last year here…and her space this year is no less stunning. This year her team has designed a store where merchandise will be for sale for the duration of the event.  The theme this year was fashion / decoration /architecture, and Juliana says her inspiration was the Gucci Spring/Summer collection this year.  The inspiration is evident in the richly coloured geometric carpet, and the geometry of the furniture. Love it!

A few shots from the Gucci RTW SS2012 collection, from I would like one of each, please.


I’m loving this São Paulo apartment by Felipe Hess. A good example of white walls done well. If its eye candy as much you as it is for me, then head on over to Yatzer for more images…

Brazillian beauty

I’ve fallen in lust with these images that were sent to me of a hotel suite inside the annual ‘Casa Cor’ show house in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Designed by the talented team Juliana Vasconcellos and Carlos Maia of Vasconcellos Maia Arquitetos Associados, the show house will be open until next month. I love what these guys have done with the space, only 85 m2 and it feels quite spacious from these images.

I wish I could head along and check it out, I’ve never been to South America and am very keen to go. So if you’re in Rio, get on down and let me know what you think!

The fabulous Dorothy Draper

My name is Suzy, and I am a design magazine junkie…no seriously, I have a day off today and the weather outside is nice, and I’m inside leafing through back issues of magazines. How sad you might think. But I’ve always been a homebody, and I don’t mind really. Anyway, I do digress. I stumbled across this spread on the one and only extraordinary Mrs Dorothy Draper. I not long finished reading the book “In The Pink” written by her long time assistant, and now the inherited owner of Dorothy Draper Inc., Carleton Varney. The article I found is about one of her largest projects, and one of the few she did outside the US, the Quitanhinha Palace just outside Rio de Janiero, Brazil that she decorated in 1942. This spread has colour photos of some images in the book that were printed only in black and white. From checking out the webiste it seems a lot of Draper’s original decor is still in place, or recent renovations have been very sympathetic to her grandoise vision. The palace was a hotel when Draper originally did the design, but it is now being used as a convention centre. There are a lot more images on the website, so if you’re interested check it out. While I’m not a fan of everything that Draper did, she certainly had confidence which I think wins over style sometimes (not always a good thing). These images are testament that Draper never did anything by halves. And while her larger than life neo-baroque style may not work in a lot of settings, it is absolute perfection in this building, and a lot of it has stood the test of time, and still looks marvellous, if not somewhat lighthearted and folly, today as when it was created 65 yers ago.

Images from The World of Interiors (UK) magazine, October 2006.