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I might die…

…if I don’t get a set of this stunning Astier de Villatte black cutlery… or the bronze…or the gold…well, any of them really. Seriously, so beautiful.

The best of NZ

Seeing as you were all so patient with me, ta da! Here it is, one of the articles from Urbis that stuck in my mind most. This twin set of houses, identical in mirror image, designed by David Ponting is located in a lovely bay setting in Auckland. The thing that struck me most, apart from their use of mid-century furniture, and the great design – is just how well each of the dwellings lets in the amazing southern hemisphere light – something I, as an antipodean, only really started to appreciate when I moved to Asia.

The client brief’s main specification was regarding the close proximity of their neighbours….hence the high walls to the side of courtyards. I think he’s delivered pretty well here, and some.

Even though the space is probably a bit more modern than I would want to live in, I really do love how he’s created a light-filled space that is more than just a boring white box (a subject I could write a whole other post about!). Most of the furniture was sourced from Auckland based Flaunt ID – a company founded by an NZ interior designer who has returned from a 7 year stint working as an interior designer for various firms in New York. Basically, she fell in love with American mid-century design, realised there was a lack of said furniture in her home town, so did something about it. I feel another post coming on…

I realise this many not appeal to everyone, but I hope you enjoy!

A Minotti sofa mixed with vintage Milo Baughman chairs and sideboard, vintage horse head (all from Flaunt ID), an Armani Casa side table, and other contemporary accessories make for a fresh modern room with character. Love it!

Together, a Curtis Jere wall sculpture (also from Flaunt ID) and a Frame Lounger in rope by Paola Lenti create a a casual outdoor living space.

From the opposite ‘dark’ apartment. Chairs by Flaunt ID, along with contemporary rug and a head sculpture in a perspex box. I love the timber panelled feature wall – and that fireplace would be nice and cosy on a cold night in Auckland!
Vandyke dining table from Minotti, vintage french chairs from Flaunt ID, and a Caboche pendant light from Foscarini in the same space.

I really cannot speak more highly of the design industry in New Zealand, and have been inspired to either subscribe to Urbis, or hunt down a retailer here in Hong Kong. I hope to be able to show you guys more of what’s coming from the southern hemisphere in the future!

From my style files – London Chic

I’ve been holding onto these tear sheets of this chic London home for quite some time, so I thought I would finally share them with you all. The owner is a very stylish Valentino executive who also has houses in Paris and Rome. He has a seriously enviable art collection, and had the assistance of Jacques Grange decorating the place, which helps!

The above two images are of the drawing room. I love this colour combination, it’s so sultry and also looks very comfortable. The fireplace surround is Indian mica, with a c. 1700 venetian mirror above. The two paintings above the aubergine velvet sofa are by Francic Bacon. I love the side tables, you can find similar ones from EJ Victor.

Taupe velvet covered sofa in the second drawing room. The rug (same design as before) was designed by Jacques Grange. The diptych above is by Cy Twombly.

The dining room has more of a mix of styles – English 19thC marquetry dining table teamed with ebony and brass chairs covered in black and gold velvet. An Andy Warhold piece takes up most of the wall space and provides a contrast.

Above two images are the main bedroom. The Deco era palm-wood panelling beautifully compliments the Eugene Printz desk. The paintings are both anonymous works from the 16thC. I love how warm and masculine this room looks. And I love a bedroom with books.

The guest bedroom is lined with linen and has a much more neutral palette. The artwork above the bed is by Philip Taaffe.

Love, love, love this bathroom!! I think its because it is slightly industrial looking to me, with the large windows and stainless steel framed cabinetry – I must be onto something here, it reminds me of a Glenn Gissler kitchen from a previous post. I really love how light it is. So chic!

All images from House & Garden (UK edition) January 2006.

Paint & Paper Library

Habitually Chic posted this week about the launch of the new book “Paint and Paper: In Decoration” by fellow aussie David Oliver, founder of the Paint and Paper Library. I’ve had these tear sheets of the London home he shares with his wife and business partner Sophie, for 4 years. I’ve been meaning to post them because their living room is still one of my favorites, so now I have a great excuse to share them with you.

In 1996, from their Chelsea apartment basement, David and Sophie developed a range of paint colours that they hoped would reflect the 20th century. They very quickly developed a following by local designers and in 1998 they introduced a range of wallpapers they had designed, along with designs by Emily Todhunter and Neisha Crosland. Needless to say, neither of them knew they were creating what would be a leading company in the international interior design scene.

These interior shots are of the victorian terrace house they renovated and restored over a two-year period, that they now share with their two children (Edward and Cosmo) in West London.

The 70’s sofa in their living room was a hand me down from Sophie’s parents. Regency style armchairs to the right are covered in fabric remnants David had found years before.

A little difficult to see in these pictures, but the wallpaper and rug motif are the same, “Liberation”, which was designed by David.

Sitting on top of the side table by Ashley Hicks is a glass match-stick striker (similar ones available from Nina Campbell).

This living room is still one of my favorites. The combination of colours and furniture styles is so warm and inviting. It has a range of historical references as well as many personal touches that make this ultimately a wonderful family home.

Wallpaper panels are Neisha Crosland’s “Willow”. The Art Deco desk and 60’s pewter desk-set add character to their study.

All images from Vogue Living (Australia) August/September 2003. More images can be found on the Paint & Paper Library website – here.

Ralph Lauren Home – the new collections

I was taking a look at the 3 new home collections from Ralph Lauren over the weekend – has anyone else seen them? I’m usually so excited by all the images that they put togehter, they have such a creative team – many of whom go on to become respected interior designers in their own right – but this season was a bit of a disappointment for me. All of these collections look like they’re a pastiche of recycled looks – particularly “St Germain”. Perhaps I’m being too critical, I’m sure it would not be an easy task to create 3 new collections per season (? or biannually – not sure), but this collection looks so re-hashed to me. Apart from the name, there is nothing that stands out as being french to me about this look either. It looks tired to me. Anyone else have an opinion about the new ranges?

More chinois chic

Here are a few more ‘chinois chic’ images that I’ve had on my mind lately. This interior belongs to the Melbourne manager of Brunschwig & Fils. It has a masculine feel about it, and I love how he’s mixed styles as well as the origin (some of the furniture is Japanese, some is Chinese).

Bedhead is upholstered in Gaston y Daniela’s “Tap Astorga”, wallpaper is “Orientala on Bamboo & Cotton” also by Brunschwig & Fils.

Bedroom chair is covered in “Bandipur Silk Texture” from Brunschwig & Fils.
Chair is covered in “Balthazar Silk Velvet Stripe” Brunschwig & Fils, cushion is “Leopardo” by Rubelli, and the stunning wallpaper behind is “Yunnan”, also by Brunschwig & Fils. This is probably my favorite of all the images. The combination of the wallpaper, chair (and those fabrics) and the chinese cabinet is perfection.

Chinois chic

I’ve had this image in my mind lately, even though it’s quite old, because I’ve been thinking about whether or not (and if so, how much) I would incorporate a chionois style into our decor when and if we buy a place here in Hong Kong. I think this is a great example of how chinois style can be done tastefully. I love this combination of colours too – so I thought I’d share!
If anyone is interested, the wallpaper is “Loyang” from Brunschwig & Fils.

Image from Vogue Living (Australia) September 2005.

Modern Colonial?

I found this image on 1st Dibs a few months ago and it got me thinking about colonial/campaign style furniture, architecture and decor. As a rule, I’m a big fan of the style, so I spend most days here in Hong Kong lamenting that more of the colonial era architecture was not kept (there is barely any left now), in place of modern skyscrapers.

I’ve seen a few modern pieces in this style lately, and it got me to thinking if there was a bit of a resurgence of this style. It looks a bit Kelly Wearstler -ish to me. What does everyone else think?

Campaign style chair from a Hong Kong based store, Hamptons Furniture. Very similar to the style of chair in Emma Jane Pilkington’s living room.

Image of a sketch by Andre Arbus from 1963, from the book by Yvonne Brunhammer.

Lobby of the West Chamberlain Hotel, in West Hollywood.

Black lacquered campaign chest at top, image from 1st Dibs.