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Doorway to heaven…

OK, I know I’ve left you hanging for a while…things are a little crazy here at the Studio.  A few exciting things happening, which I will be able to announce soon I hope. In the meantime, keep yourself occupied with some more great stuff over at Nuevo Estilo. And, may I say, how fabulous are those doors? Seriously.


Doors of the world

I’ve been inspired by some door postings on other blogs lately (see Absolutely Beautiful Things and Orange Beautiful), so I thought I would post some of the photos I’ve taken of doors in my travels. I must say, I am a bit of a fan of a good door. Not only is a great architectural element, but I also find them quite symbolic -most probably because of the old adage ‘one door closes, as another one opens’.
The photos below are photos of doorways that I took during a trip to France last year. I have a bit of a collection so far – but they are on CD somewhere and will need to fish them out for the next installent.
Above are both doors in Avignon – the one on the right is the home we stayed in when the hotel we booked turned out to be full when we arrived….The lady who lives here was lovely, but as I don’t speak a word of french I was relying on my husband to translate the whole time!

These are also both in Avignon.
These doors are in Carcasonne – further south of France.
Top left is in Lyon, and right in Perpignon.
Both doors above are in Perpignon. I adore the one on the left, if you look closely you’ll see that the brass knocker is actually in the shape of a hand.
I hope to add another installment soon!