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Paule Ka

While I’m on the subject of Paule Ka…I have to share some pics of the collection campaign for Fall/Winter 13/14.  The clothes are incredibly chic, but I also love the photography, and the location. If anyone knows what/where (I presume Paris?) this building is, I would love to know!

Serge and his muse

I have loved the French fashion label Paule Ka for quite some time…so I was pretty stoked to find some images of the Paris home of founder and designer, Serge Cajfinger. He says his real passion is interior design, and that’s pretty evident from these pics. Filled to the brim with great art and furniture…and a bird’s eye view of the city of light…from his bed! So jealous. Maybe in another life…

Serge with his muse, photographer Sonia Sieff.


Photos by Christopher Sturman for Harpers Bazaar Arabia, Jul-Aug 2013.

Marni love

So I don’t normally go gaga over designer collaborations, but I must admit I’m quite excited by this one. I’m a huge fan of the label Marni, and I think Consuelo Catiglioni is a design genius. Season after season she puts together quirky, fun and clever combinations that are so unique and unlike anything else around. I love her sense of colour, and their shoes and accessories are amazing. I’m not sure I’m up for camping outside the store (that’s if it even makes it to HK!), but I might need to allow for an early morning when this collection is released in exactly a month’s time. It’s set to be a quick sellout for sure.

Paule Ka

I don’t do fashion posts often, purely because I don’t profess to be an expert on the subject. However after discovering the new Spring collection by French designer Paule Ka, I just couldn’t help but post them. Classic yet Modern, Fun yet Sophisticated, and so very, very French. I’m in love. Bring on Spring!

Today’s wishlist update

Not so keen on her taste in men, but L’Wren Scott’s designs are fabulous! A bit too late for the birthday wishlist, but still I have to have these shoes!

Christian Louboutin designed crocodile pumps for L’Wren Scott, available here.

I want!

I managed to get all through winter without lusting after boots….and then I saw these from Hermes…

just as it’s started to warm up here. Of course I’d love a Kelly bag in the same pink croc. Asking too much? Probably…

Bright young things

I am craving some pure unadulterated colour today, so I thought I’d post some pics I found from an Australian fashion shoot – set in an equally colourful interior. Enjoy!

Photos by Sabine Villiard, for Marie Claire (Australia)

Martin Grant

One of my all time favourite fashion designers is Paris-based, Australian-born, Martin Grant. And its not just because we went to the same University! He always uses such beautiful fabrics and creates pieces that are elegant, feminine but also ultimately wearable.

Here are a few of my picks from his latest collection…

Weekend shopping

Amongst other things, these YSL sandals are now on my wish list…

Thomas Maier does it again!

As many of you know I’m a huge fan of Bottega Veneta, and what Thomas Maier has done since becoming creative director. Well as far as I’m concerned, he’s done it again! I am so in love with their new spring collection, I almost one of everything – these are my faves…

The Great Race

I’ve lived away from home, Melbourne that is, for over 5 years now and I get homesick often. It’s hard not to. But there is probably no other time of the year that I would want to be in Melbourne more than in spring…..for the Spring Racing Carnival. Today, for the uninitiated, is Melbourne Cup Day, which is held annually on the first Tuesday of every November.

The $5.1 million Emirates Melbourne Cup is more than just a horse race – it is a 145-year old social and cultural tradition that ‘stops the nation’. This spectacular event is the focal point of the Melbourne Cup Carnival.

This might sound ridiculous to those who live outside Australia, but horse racing is something we take pretty seriously down under. So seriously, in fact, that Melbourne Cup Day is a public holiday in Melbourne, and 21 of the other regional cities in the state of Victoria also has a public holiday in honour of their own “Cup Day”.

For girls especially, Spring Racing Carnival is a social event more than anything else. It’s a chance to get dressed up (hats are almost compulsory), go out with your girlfriends and drink way too much champagne! And there are a few horses around for those that are interested…

It’s the only time of the year that I actually gamble, and will allow myself to by hats. The scramble in the weeks leading up to spring racing is like nothing else, its worse than sale time. It’s pretty much the only time of year you’ll see hats for sale in the major department stores, and I’m sure its the only time of year our talented miliners make any money! But, as most girls I know need a different outfit for each of the major races, thats at least a few hats per year!

If the weather is good (always a gamble in Melbourne at this time of year) there is nothing more fun than getting dressed up from hat to heels and heading down to Flemington racecourse to watch the crowds, the boys make idiots of themselves, a few horses, the punters and most importantly, the ‘fashions on the field’. Myer, one of Australia’s oldest and largest department stores sponsors a fashion contest called “Fasions on the Field” which to the girls is more important than the horse race itself.

And for those of you who are still doubt as to how seriously Melbournians take this…..last year Emma Jane Pilkington was brought over from the US to decorate the main sponsors tent, and Carson Kreslley came to judge the contest! (Fashions on the fields that is, not the horses).

As the race is already over, (“Efficient” won if anyone is interested), I know my friends will be heading home from the racecourse, or from the home of whoever hosted this years BBQ, probably drunk, hatless, and looking a little less glam than they did this morning…but I wish I could be there with you!!

Vintage Glam

I felt like something different today, so I’m posting some fashion images. I love these shots of Polish model Daria Werbowy – so chic and soooo glamorous. I wanted to share them because I think this is the most beautiful fashion shoot I’ve seen in a long time. These images are from Vogue (the China edition, suprisingly enough), from April 2006. I came across a copy of the magazine at a cafe in Shanghai airport and fell in love with these images, as well as an interiors feature they had done on Mary McDonald’s office – my first introduction to her work. I was so taken with it that I took it with me…(yes, I stole a copy of a magazine – it’s dispicable, and I’m thoroughly ashamed of myself – I should clarify that it wasn’t for sale, it was an old edition sitting around for patrons to read…). Anyway, I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do.

First post

I’m quite new to the world of blogging, but after having read a few design based blogs over the last few months I thought it would be a fun idea to start my own.

I am a designer of interiors, textiles, furniture etc. and I plan to use this blog to post photos of things that I find interesting and inspiring, as well as ideas and concepts for designs.

The first photos I’d like to share with you are from the fashion world, rather than interior-related, but equally as inspiring. I have been in love with soft muted pinks, stone, mushroom, silver, mauves, and purples for a long time, so I am now completely in love with the new collection from the fashion house Bottega Veneta. The designs are so feminine, timeless and so sophisticated. The photo on the left is my favourite…so audrey!

Love these colours, so pretty and feminine. The handbags, clutches and belts are also stunning, and I can imagine using those leathers on dining or luxe boudoir chairs.

The colour and design of this top& skirt (or is it a dress?) is so beautiful.

I’m loving these colours. The clutches are sweet too, and a little oriental looking.

This is a bit fun, don’t know I could personally get away with the puffy sleeves, but it’s light, summery and feminine, and I love the texture and colour of these pieces. I could imagine using the detailing for an austrian or soft london blind – lots of pleats to make it light and airy, and a modern interpretation of a traditional and ususally dowdy looking window dressing.

These designs are all stunning. The colours are so inspiring, as are the luxurious diaphanous fabrics used.

That’s it for now, hope to get back soon with some more wonderful images to share with you!