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The New Bespoke

I remember seeing this image for the first time in Elle Decor back in November 2007. It took my breath away than, and it still does today. Its the art, the richness of the colours, those textured walls, and above all else the fascinating mix of furniture. The lucky resident of this room is also the designer, Frank Roop, and I have since become a massive fan. Roop’s work has been widely published and I’ve been able to sate my appetite for the visual richness that he puts together so deftly. So, as you can imagine, I’m quite looking forward to getting his first book in my hot little hands.

“Frank Roop – The New Bespoke”, will not be like any other design book we’ve read. Of his first monograph, Roop says “I didn’t want it to be just a portfolio of my work, but a book with a story and a point of view.” In a push against today’s mass-produced world, Roop features and celebrates the cottage industry of local artisans who craft his custom furniture that have become such a signature element of his interiors. And with a nod to his past, in specialty menswear, the book features a variety of inspirations drawn from the worlds of art, archticture, fashion and nature.

And I gotta say, if the book is put together only half as well as the homes he creates, its sure to be a best seller. I can’t wait for my copy to arrive…

La Folie

At the risk of boring you all to death with yet another post about David Collins and Spanish Architectural Digest….I’ll put a slightly different spin on this one. Suffice to say though, I got my fix of both this month. My heart almost stopped when I saw the spread on the latest incarnation of Collins’ London abode. Okay, so back to the spin. The apartment, as expected, has a fabulous assortment of art. One piece in particular seemed quite familiar and then I realised that the same piece is in another of my all time favorite apartments, the Boston residence of designer Frank Roop. The piece I’m referring to is “La Folie” by photographer Didier Massard. There is something a little romantic, and also a little eerie about it – like most of his work. A quick browse through his website and I’m in love!

David Collins’ home photographed by Ricardo Labougle for AD España December 2009.

Frank Roop’s Boston apartment photographed by Eric Roth for Elle Decor November 2007.

Didier Massard’s latest book was released late last year and is available on Amazon. It’s definitely going on my wish list – along with a few of his photographs!

Fabulous Frank

It’s no secret I’m a fan of Frank Roop’s work, so its no surprise that I also stalk his website…here are a few pics of a new project that have been posted since I last checked it out. This lovely home shows all the trademarks of a signature Roop interior…a great mix of furniture and styles, a stunning array of colours from the blue and green spectrum, and stylishly bordered curtains (see the living room image). Plus, its so bright and fresh looking. Does he only take on clients who have amazing light in their homes?

Fresh Frank on Friday

Love these new project photos that I just found on Frank Roop’s website. They are incredibly cool, bright and fresh – and very inspiring. I think Roop has a great talent for creating wonderfully livable interiors, that are mostly neutral, with blocks of just the right colours – not too matchy-matchy, but perfectly in sync.

On a more serious note, I’ve taken on a personal project – helping a friend decorate his new (and empty) apartment in Singapore. This will be done mostly via email (& facebook so far…) and between his business trips to HK and me visiting him in Singapore later next month. I’ll keep you updated on how it goes…he happens to be an excellent photographer, so maybe I’ll share some pics once it’s all done. By the way, Haf, what do you think of these?

P.S. I’m picking up the keys to my new apartment tomorrow night, and will probably spend Saturday tearing down the horrible old vinyl wallpaper in preparation for painting next weekend. So think of me while you’re enjoying your weekend…not!

I have a new design crush…

….and his name is Frank Roop. Move over Miles, this is the new man of glam.

I am totally smitten with the Boston home that designer Frank Roop created for himself and his wife that was featured in this month’s Elle Decor. It has everything that I love: interesting and luxurious surfaces; natural and tactile materials; contemporary art; vintage furniture (especially French 40’s); dramatic colours; put together brilliantly in a fabulous high-ceiling brownstone. I was drooling so much over his home that I had to check out his previous projects, and they do not disappoint. All of the eight other projects featured on his site are equally as chic, stylish and glamorous so check out his website if you haven’t already!

The combination of mosaic tiled floor, venetian plastered walls and his choice of colours looks quite fresh in their entry. The stool is a RobsjohnGibbings design that I’ve never seen before.

I love this room, to me its simply breath taking. The wallcovering, which is meant to resemble limestone, is by Cannon-Bullock and looks perfect in this room. The mixture of custom made and vintage and antique pieces mix effortlessly in this grandly proportioned room.

The other end of the living room – the cover shot – features a spectacular fireplace surrounded by opalescent mother of pearl looking tiles.

Another RobsjohnGibbings piece in the dining room (the table), an amazing Curtis Jeré sculpture above the travertine mantel, floating shelves and shots of vivid colour make this room a shimmering masterpiece.

This is another favorite. The study contains a Jansen desk, an Adnet coffee table, Arbus lighting as well as Roop designed pieces. It’s like a roll-call of all the best designers! I also have to say the photographer has captured this room so well and ensured the colours still look so ethereal.

This shot is from the master bedroom which features a Harvey Probber desk, a Curtis Jeré mirror and other vintage pieces. Simply stunning.

Photography of Frank Roop‘s home by Eric Roth, featured in Elle Decor (US) November 2007.