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Today I’m loving…

I was not really a fan of the Yves Klein tables, but it looks perfect in the living room of Sourth African designer Haldane Martin. And now I think I want one. Via “This is Glamorous”.

Today I’m loving…

this screen by Boca do Lobo

…it’s très chic!

Chen Mi Ji

I’m excited. I’m REALLY excited. Those of you who read my blog on a semi-regular basis will be familiar with me lamenting the fact that there are no vintage furniture stores here. Well, there is now. I discovered Chen Mi Ji during the week, so there will be no prizes for guessing where I’m heading to today. Here are a few pieces I’m keen to see in person –

For my Hong Kong readers, Chen Mi Ji has just relocated from their Central district location to the Start Street Precinct. They are now at 4 Sun Street, Wan Chai, so go check them out. I’m off to do that right now…

Armani Casa

In case you hadn’t noticed, the Armani Casa website has been updated with a new look and a few new products. Of which, I am besotted with the Botticelli bed. So chic!

Calling all Springer fans!

I’ve had Matthews & Parker on my favorites list for some time now, so I was thrilled to receive an email from proprietor Mark Eckman with images of some new releases.

Mark’s story is so interesting I just had to share it with you. Having started out as an industrial designer, and later ghost designing furniture for some high-end trade showrooms working with Lucite when it first became popular, he later started collaborating with the one and only Karl Springer. Some time later, he bought out Springer’s business from bankruptcy just before his death in 1991 – and I’m so glad he did! Matthews & Parker now offer new designs that are inspired by the great designer as well as selling originals. I thoroughly recommend you check out their website as they also offer a custom made service in addition to offering an appraisal and restoration service for original Springer pieces.

They are currently represented only in the US, but fortunately for the rest of the world they are currently also working on representation in London and Paris. So folks, if anyone out there is looking for an original or a Springer-inspired piece – you know where to get it from!

The new “Guerlain” table, inspired by Andre Arbus. Made from white oak with a white leather top.

A Jean-Michel Frank inspired piece, very classic chinois style parsons table, made from two-tone lacquered linen.

They’re both stunning!

a sign of the times…?

In case you haven’t already noticed, 1st Dibs has added a new “price reduced” search facility. This, coupled with the dropping value of the US Dollar, will surely encourage overseas purchasers, like me. Not that I need the extra encouragement! Actually, the HK Dollar is pegged to the US Dollar so it’s not doing me much good, although I have bigger problems than that. Remember the dining table I bought myself for my birthday – 2 months ago? Well, it’s still sitting in the shop I purchased it from waiting to be picked up. Why, you ask? Because I am having trouble finding a shipping company that can provide customer service along with international door to door shipping. So, if anyone out there has any tips on how I can get this table shipped from Miami to Hong Kong, please let me know!!

Bond & Bowery

There is a collective conciousness of bloggers it seems. I’ve been meaning to do a post about Bond & Bowery for weeks now, and while I procrastinated and racked my brains on what to write about Bond & Bowery I was beaten to the puch by House of Beauty and Culture, AND Alkemie. So go check out their posts for the scoop. But to put in my 2 cents worth…

This TH Robsjohn-Gibbings chair at $1800 is a steal.

And this? This is exquisite.

If I had the space…

and the money…I would buy this stunning dining suite by Osvaldo Borsani

but I don’t…so maybe you should?

Online Decorative Arts Encyclopedia

The online knowledgebase “kunstpedia” (kunst meaning art in Dutch and German) has just been launched. The essays and articles, in both Dutch and English, are being added to regularly. And wtih topics ranging from Modern Art, 20th Century Decorative Arts, Furniture, Sculpture, Silver, to Textiles & Tapestries, I think it’s worth checking out!

Happy Birthday to me!

I just bought myself a (not so) little birthday pressie…A classic Milo Baughman burled olivewood dining table…how exciting! It will fit perfectly in my new apartment. Now for the chairs to go with it…


I’ve been loving the bits and pieces I’d seen of Richard Mishaan’s furniture line, Homer, for some time now. I saw it advertised in Elle Decor a while back and have been anxiously awaiting the website launch ever since. The wait is over!

The “Cairo” credenza – a very chic silhouette, an absolute classic, would look great in my dining room!

The “Cairo” etagere – another classic profile, and very elegant. I have a tonne of books I’d love to pile up on this.

The “Halcón” side table – also very chic, I would love this for a bed side table. The pull-out tray at the top is the perfect place to rest a morning cuppa.

The “Halcón Parson’s” table – more of a modern profile, but I think it would work in a variety of interior styles.

Believe me or not, but the “October” side table is pretty much exactly the same as the side table I had in mind to get made for my new apartment. Inspired by a JM Frank design and covered in parchment, it’s very chic, and has a discreet drawer for extra storage. I think I might have to change my design a little so I don’t look like I’m copying…The “Mondrian” chair is a pretty versatile shape, and I’m loving it’s square shaped upholstered arms.
I think the “Spider” chair was possibly inspired by classic Art Deco styled arm chairs, but I love Mishaan’s interpretation. It’s much more elegant and refined.

The perfect library chair, the “de Colombe High Back” looks comfortable and stylish at the same time.
The “de Colombe Slipper” chair is just as chic from behind as it is from the front!
And finally, the “de Colombe Sofa” has a timeless profile, slender arms, comfy back cushions, and lovely legs. I wouldn’t mind coming home to this beauty every night!

I scored!

I just scored 2 of these classic Verner Panton chairs in white for FREE! Yes, that’s right folks. For nada, zip, zilch. My company, which is moving office this week (yes, somehow I managed to get myself in a postion where I was moving office AND apartments in the same month) is getting rid of 12 of these chairs that were formally in our conference room. I’ve snagged 2 of them for my new apartment. Woo hoo!

My latest purchase…

Remember me lusting after this room in 1st Dibs founder Michael Bruno’s old Paris apartment (a matter of weeks ago)…?

…and declaring to the world I didn’t think I could live with furniture covered in dead elephant? (click HERE to read the post I mean)….

Well I’ve done an about face. Call me a hypocrite, or anything else you can think of. I don’t mind. Actually, I probably deserve it.

I found this stunning table (covered in elephant hide) and wastepaper basket (covered in python) by Karl Springer…..passed in at auction…

And I couldn’t resist.

I know my South African friend will probably never speak to me again. I still don’t condone killing wild, protected or endangered species for vanity, but I guess I figure these had both been dead for a few decades at least. Until I stop wearing leather shoes, belts and handbags I probably can’t be pious about covering furniture in skins of other animals.

I might be opening a can of snakes here…but what does everyone else think?

Tomaso Buzzi

I have a new designer obsession. Tomaso Buzzi (1900 – 1981) was a member of the Labirinto group from 1927, along with the renowned italian designer, Gio Ponti. An architect and furniture designer, Buzzi created a limited series of neo-classical furniture designs in the late 1920s. His commissions included furnishings for the School of Arts and Crafts, San Paolo, Brazil. In 1932 he assumed artistic direction of Venini, and exhibited his innovative glass techniques at the 1936 Venice Biennale.

(Above) A Credenza and Cabinet (both from 1929) are availalable, along with other pieces, in the upcoming Christie’s 20th Century Decorative Arts auction in London on April 30. Both pieces have such gracious silouettes, and I absolutely love burlwood. So elegant!

“La Scarzuola” a convent in Umbria founded by St Francis of Assisi, was bought by Buzzi in the 50’s in the hopes of transforming it. This, along with Palladio’s villas in the north, will definitely be on my list of things to see next time I’m in Italy!