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Love handles

I do love a good piece of hardware. There have been times, while working on a large project, when I’ve thought if I have to specify another hinge or handle I will die, but I do find it immensely satisfying finding the right hardware for a project. A great design is all in the details, and if you find something that works with your concept its a great moment.¬† Door handles particularly. Many people might not give them a lot of thought, but they are often the very first object that a person will see and feel in the space you’re designing, and if you get it right, it makes all the difference.

I’m still wrapped up in my love affair with brass (and bronze)….and so these little beauties caught my eye. I particularly love the combination with dark wood and the edginess they’d bring to a space. They’re the kind of love handles I don’t mind having ūüėČ