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Rodolphe Parente (and no, I’m not dead)

Sorry for the radio silence folks! I know its been an eternity since I last posted…a few sweet emails saying how much you missed posts are enough motivation to get me back to blogging. Its been a combination of being busy and lacking inspiration. Luckily I’m on holiday now and came across these stunning images of a Paris apartment by a new-to-me designer, Rodolphe Parente.

I’m loving the mix of new and vintage furniture, the colours, and all those amazing details. How great are those doors in the bedroom, and the metal inlay in the bathroom floor…Swoon!










Suzy Hoodless

Unfortunately these days I don’t have much time for reading magazines, that is magazines apart from design anthology. That is except, much like the rest of you probably, when I’m on a plane to somewhere. I picked up a copy of the UK House & Garden on a recent trip – not a magazine I normally read to be honest – but this feature definitely stood out. I felt the need to post it for a few reasons…A) I’ve had my eye on Suzy Hoodless for a while, B) we share the same first name, and C) funnily enough our careers have been the same in reverse – she leaving the magazine world to go into interior design. I enjoyed the mix of elements she’s used…and the study. The study is to die for. With the amount of hours I’ve been working lately I sure would like to have a place like this at home! Enjoy.













Spinocchia Freund

Sorry for the absence folks…I’ve had a wonderful month away…London and Paris (working) and then a very relaxing 2 weeks in Spain with friends. Sigh. Now, back to reality. Its always hard cleaning out the old email inbox after such a long trip, so its a bonus when one of those emails is full of pretty pictures. One of those types of emails landed in my inbox, so I’m very happy to be able to share these with you all.

This stunning Notting Hill Townhouse has been designed by London-based firm, Spinocchia Freund, (previously known as Bespoke London) which is helmed by designer Brigitta Spinocchia Freund. I love the updated classic detailing, the colour palette they’ve used and that cheeky chandelier (can you see the skeletal hands?).

Hope you enjoy as much as I did!
























Loving today…

….this image from a recent residential project by one of my favorite Spanish designers, Lorenzo Castillo. The artwork placement is just perfection, and I’m loving those bright pops of colour.

Oliver Gustav

Through my internet travels I just discovered the studio of Oliver Gustav in Copenhagen. To die for! I am especially loving his curated mix of art, design, furniture and lighting. He clearly has a very honed eye. I’m particularly in love with the last 2 images…very much my colours…very much wanting to redecorate the apartment now…

Hôtel Vernet

Sorry for the radio silence folks…we had a wonderful launch party for the magazine a few weeks back and then I flew down to Melbourne to catch up with friends and family and to get some much needed R&R.

I’m still getting through the glut that is my inbox, but in the meantime I thought I’d share some pics that I found of the newly renovated Hôtel Vernet in Paris by one of my favorite French designers, François Champsaur. Love it.

For more images of the rest of the hotel (this is just the restaurant) check out Yatzer

Daniel Cuevas

This month’s Belle magazine was a total treat. I especially loved the feature on the LA home by designer Daniel Cuevas. So nice to see more work from such a talented designer. I wrote about a project he worked on with designer Carol Katleman in London a while back here.  

I particularly loved this library….I dream about having a space like this one day…

Juniper Tedhams

I feel head over heels for this Rhode Island home renovated by designer Juniper Tedhams, featured in the latest House Beautiful. I really love the combination of the classic bones of the house – and while I’m not normally one for white walls, I think they really work here – with the mix of early 20th Century furnishings and the semi-industrial elements.

The cabinet on the right of the first image looks suspicioulsy like a Jean-Michel Frank design..and if its an original I’m totally jealous. Otherwise, it looks great in this room.

Also loving the long low look of the living room…the corner bookshelf is genius.

And the brass fixtures in the bathroom….to die for!

Mark Cunningham

One of my favorite designers, Mark Cunningham, has updated his website. Not only are there stunning extra photos of the projects I had seen, but there are also photos of projects I love but didn’t realise he was responsible for. What a treat. Here are a few of my favorites….


I am very excited to be able to share these images with you this morning…the new furniture collection from FBC London. The range is designed by FBC founder, interior designer Fiona Barratt-Campbell, and produced by craftsmen in the North of England. The range of finishes is really quite something (check out the hand applied chipped oak on the City Chest, and the mix of bronze, limestone and oak on the Isabella cabinet!) The range is quite extensive, here are just a few of my quick picks. You can head on over to their website for the rest of the collection and more information.

Byethorne Cabinet
Cheyne Bed
City Chest
Corbridge Chair
Hadrian Console
Isabella Cabinet
London Sofa
Teres Bench


Henri Fitzwilliam-Lay

I stumbled upon the work of Henri Fitwilliam-Lay yesterday in the latest House & Garden (UK)…a magazine I don’t typically read. But I’m so glad I picked up a copy. Her spaces are so fresh and so new looking…these images are just the tip of the iceburg…you really need to check out her website for more. With natural talent like this, I can’t wait to see more for her in the future!

Robert Migotto

My pinterest feed has been littered with images from previously unknown to me designer, Roberto Migotto,  for weeks now. Further investigation of the Brazilian architect’s website does not disappoint. The clean, crisp, minimal spaces filled with pieces of varying styles and from different eras reminds me a little of the work of fellow antipodeans BKH and David Hicks. I hope you enjoy!


and oldie but a goodie…

Don’t know quite what it was, but something (or a bunch of somethings) I looked at this morning on my internet travels reminded me of this room…and just how much I loved it.

Markham Roberts‘ NY apartment. From Domino Mag version 1.0 way back in Dec 2008.

Champeau & Wilde

The Parisian apartment by design duo Champeau & Wilde in the latest Elle Decor absolutely took my breath away. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, its the mix that makes it work. What I wouldn’t do for that original wall panelling…

Todhunter Earle

I have been a fan of London-based design team Todhunter Earle for many years now, but they had kind of slipped off my radar so to speak over the last few years. So when I saw this image below floating around pinterest over the last few weeks I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was one of their recent projects. I remember their work as being far more traditional in style, so this shift towards something that is more of a mix between the classic English interior, blended with some fabulous 20th C and modern pieces is ticking all the boxes for me. Enjoy!