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JMF & Hermès

Call me strange, but the names Hermès and Jean-Michel Frank in the same sentence gets me excited. Very excited. The decades old relationship between the über luxury house and the before-his-time designer is about to be resurrected. Hermès has announced they plan to re-issue eight of JMF’s classic designs. The launch of these pieces coincide with the opening of their new Paris store…and their official return to home furnishings. Word on the street is a third of the store will be dedicated to homewares. So, what get’s me more excited than that? The possible re-edition of pieces by Paul Dupré-Lafon and Jacques Adnet of course…

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

My copy of the Christie’s catalogue of the Yves Saint Laurent & Pierre Berge collection of 2o th Century Decorative Arts arrived today. Yay! No matter that its too late to bid, because I couldn’t have afforded anything in the sale anyway, unless I’d sold everything I own, including a few of my organs. I would have happily done so had I thought that my husband and I could raise a family someday inside this amazing Jean-Michel Frank cabinet