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more London talent…

I fell in love with the work of Michael Anastassiades before I even knew who the creator was. In case you didn’t know, he is the man responsible for creating some of the gorgeous light fittings that Ilse Crawford has been known to use from time to time. Modern, minimal, but still completely and utterly elegant, Anastassiades designs are also most definitely timeless. Here are a few of my favorites…
Tube Wall Light

Tube Chandelier

Mobile Chandelier

CFL Light

Ball Lights (available in many configurations)

Agia Sophia Chandelier

Two images at top projects by Ilse Crawford, first is the Grand Hotel in Stockholm (ball lights), and the second is the Chiswick Highroad Private Club (tube chandeliers).

My latest purchase…

is this lovely brass lamp by Hans-Agne Jacobsson. Finally, something other than a chair to add to the collection!

Today I’m loving…

The brass “Quin” floor lamp by Stefania Andorlini is evocative of mid 20th century designs, and I love it!

Design Bloggers Challenge…

Am I up to Maison 21’s design bloggers challenge? I’m not sure, let’s find out…

It all started with this little beauty…the style has been called everything from “mosco mafioso” to “bordello chic”. I was actually kinda suprised that it didn’t remind me of either of these things when M21 first posted it. I actually thought it was quite cool as far as chandeliers go – which normally aren’t my thing. So, where to start? I think, like Mrs Blandings, it definitely needs a double height ceiling. I was originally thinking it would look a bit fab in an entry, and I know that’s already been done, sorry, but here is my take on it!

I would love to see this in a room with white walls, using a framing technique I posted about last week, here. The frames around the walls definitely need to be in black, like the picture above. Oh, and a few of those black candles and chic sconces would be nice too – perhaps on either side of the entry to the main house. (Image from Vogue Living Australia, May/June 2006).

The floors would be black high gloss stone or timber – whichever you prefer – inlaid with chrome in a geometric pattern – like above. I think to stop the chandelier taking over and looking all a bit too much it needs a room thats a bit masculine looking and a little architectural. (Iimage from the book “Frances Elkins” by Steven Salny).

Then simply add a few choice pieces to the space, like a pair of these stunning Austrian Biedemeier chairs either side of this De Coene FrĂšres console like so. Just add a big bunch of red roses for colour and voila!

What do you think?

Just Andersen

I have recently become a little obsessed with the beautiful works of Just Andersen (1884 – 1943) – a Danish sculptor and silver smith. He is best known for his neoclassical Scandinavian style pieces for everyday use in pewter, brass, copper, bronze and “Disko”. Disko metal is an alloy of lead and antimony, Andersen’s own creation, which he named after Disko Bay (in Greenland), where he grew up. It was used to produce “Bronze” items, such as candlesticks, vases, lamps and sculptures for ‘common people’, because it was cheaper than true bronze. After being cast, the pieces were patinated as bronze, copper or brass. I absolutely love the elegant simplicity of the forms he created. Here are a few of my favorites that are currently available.

Disko metal accessories – 1st image (candelabra & bowl) available from 1st Dibs, 9th image (bowls) available through artnet, all other items from Gallery BAC.

Three pieces made from Pewter, all available from Gallery BAC.

A selection of lamps, all in Disko metal. 1st pic available through 1st Dibs, last 3 items available at Gallery BAC.

Love this!

These pendant lights by Pluma Cubic are made from 4000 goose feathers – all individually hand sewn – and I think they’re fabulous! I would love one for the entrance hall in my house in Melboune…(yes, the one I don’t actually live in) 😉

Today I’m loving…

This stunning crystal light by Marchetti of Italy. It’s like a piece of jewellery for your home!

Demilune shades

I think these demilune (or half) shades are a wonderful decorative option for wall sconces and lamps. Its a nice idea especially for sconces that don’t protrude far from the wall , which usually have glass or metal shades. I think they look fabulous on the two antique sconces below (the first one is in a Fortuny fabric), and add a touch of authenticity to them.

This image is from the ‘small space style’ post I did a little while back, but never noticed that there was a half shade on the lamp (top left corner).

This is my favorite image. I quite like the juxtaposition of the modern shelving and accessories, the oak panelled walls and those neo-classical lamps with half shades. Very chic!

CL Sterling & Son Lighting

We just received some new brochures/catalogues in the office today, one of which is from the lighting company CL Sterling & Son. They’re a US company, but they have offices in most regions. I think they might only sell to the trade though..
Here are a few of my selections from the catalogue:

I love these pendant lights, they are also available with a cloth shade. I think they’d look fantastic in a modern kitchen, or in a library/study. I wouldn’t mind one of these myself…

Love this lamp. Yes, again with the deco references…

This sconce is a little more modern and minimalist than I would normally go for, but it looks very versatile.

Great classic looking ceiling light. Again, I love the clean simple lines of this (I really need to expand my vocabulary..), I could see it working in a lot of interiors.

Love this exterior pendant – a modern take on a classic style. Would love the space to use this in too!

Flea ‘n Cents

So I started a new job this week, and I’ve been having fun checking out some of the shops in my new neighbourhood. One in particular, which I discovered today (had heard of, but not been able to find the address) is a little second hand goods shop. A second hand shop is probably not sounding terribly exciting to you all, but its a bit of a rarity in Hong Kong. Asian people in general are not particularly big on second hand stuff, they much prefer newer items as they’re viewed as a bit of a luxury. Most people don’t want stuff that’s old or pre-used, otherwise you look like you can’t afford new stuff! I am generalising of course, but as a general rule, its true. So….to find a mini flea market around the corner of my office was very exciting. It’s called Flea and Cents, and they carry all kinds of designer goods, some new, some vintage, and goodies from all over, that vary in age. They have some amazing looking 1950’s lamps in on consignment at the moment, one of which looked like a green ceramic version of a Billy Haines horse head lamp. Veeeery groovy. I wish I had a pic to show you, but I don’t, so here is the original that I think it was based on.

Nancy Corzine

I thought I might profile a few of my favorite designers / style icons. Someone who’s style I admire greatly is Nancy Corzine, the furniture, textile and lighting maven. I had a chance to visit her showroom in the D & D Building in New York. Her range of furniture, lighting and textiles are beautiful and sumptuous. I found an interview with her today that I thought was interesting and wanted to share, so please enjoy. I’ve been searching through my magazines for some pics of a showhouse she did recently, but to no avail….might have to wait til the weekend when I have a bit more time.