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Happy New Year!

It’s good to back posting again after my short hiatus. Thanks to everyone for your lovely comments while I was away. I had a lovely holiday and am feeling very rested and ready for the new year ahead. I’m now looking forward to catching up on my favorite blogs, so bear with me and my lack of comments over the last few weeks.

I have a few posts planned for the week, so stay tuned. In the meantime I thought I’d take this opportunity to mention a magazine I rediscovered during my holiday – New Zealand based urbis is an old favorite. In fact, I’m not sure why I stopped buying it (perhaps it has something to do with it not being available here in HK!), but my first resolution is to buy a subscription. The New Zealand design industry is pretty amazing for such a small country, and is producing some cutting edge architects and designers of all disciplines. Urbis features a a great range of local grown talent that is just as creative as their international counterparts. I highly recommend picking up a copy if it’s available where you live, or check out their website – they post some of the articles featured in the magazine online. It may not replace House & Garden, but it might help sate my magazine addition…for a little while anyway!

and the winner is…..


Well it seems that October is the winner! I should have guessed actually, that was my gut instinct, and I should have listened. In total we had 24 votes – 13 for October, 10 for November (very close) and 1 for neither. It seems from a few of the comments I received that a large part of the October cover’s appeal was the yellow zebra pattern on the side chairs – and I can’t say I disagree. I thought they looked so fabulous I had to track down the fabric (my dining chairs that need recovering look quite similar). The pattern is a Jim Thompson fabric called “Illusion” and is quite old, but is still available in three colours (the yellow, pale blue and a brown). The fourth colour, as used by our favorite Ms Wearstler in her previous home (see below) has since been discontinued.

Thanks to everyone who participated, it was a fun experiment. It’s been really interesting to see which of the covers was preferred most – and while I loved both and had a hard time choosing, it seems in the end they were pretty close anyway.

Elle Decor covers

So is it just me, or does Elle Decor just seem to be getting better and better each month? I thought last month (October 07) was one of the best I had seen in a long time – and the cover still blows me away. But when I picked up my copy of November’s issue I started to drool. Now I can’t figure out which one I love more. So, I thought I might do something different and ask you guys. Let’s vote – I am going to run a poll and I want you to vote on which cover you like most – or if you like neither – OR if there is another back-issue cover that is still your fave. The poll will run til the end of the month and then I’ll know the winner. It’s all anonymous, so anyone who’s been visiting and not leaving comments, now’s your time to have your say!

October 2007

November 2007

I heart Elle Decor!

I had just started devouring my October edition of Elle Decor this morning, and was very nearly about to brush over the letters to the editor (they are so often from some whiney idiot who complains about the cover of last month, or the amount of homes of gay couples) when I found this! I can’t even begin to explain how excitied I was (…actually, still am).

Also, I want to apologise for any of the other great blogs that I now read on a daily basis for not mentioning you! I wrote this letter back in June when I just started reading/writing blogs, and have discovered so many more since then (see my fave list of blogs). Thanks to Elle Decor for publishing my letter…if I wasn’t your number 1 fan before, I definitely am now!

Elle Decor

I spoke too soon. Just as I hit the ‘publish post’ button, I was handed my copy of the September issues of Elle Decor. Amazingly enough, it’s the very first time that I have actually received the susciption copy before I’ve given up waiting and gone out and bought a copy. I just need to get a copy of the new House and Garden and I’ll be set for the weekend. Well, for a few hours of it at least!