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Rees Roberts

Its funny how you can kinda like a space on first viewing, but its then filed away somewhere in your subconscious, and after it has time to percolate, upon a second viewing just looks crazy amazing? Well this townhouse in NYC by Rees Roberts is one of those places. For me anyway. I love the dramatic colours in the dining room (and how great are those upholstered Prouvé dining chairs?), and the contrast of the light ethereal colours in the living space. So beautiful. I’m also kinda digging that pink tiger pattern on those footstools. The colours in that room come together so well I’m finding it rather inspiring.

A sublime sanctuary

OK, I admit it, these pics are a repeat of a post I did back in July last year…but as it was just published in the latest Architectural Digest with some new images, I just couldn’t help myself. The New York apartment of Claire Weiss was designed by Rees Roberts, and I agree with the owner, it is indeed sublime. The colours are a lot crisper in these images, and the mural which I hadn’t really noticed before is in full view now. And on second viewing, it still makes my heart skip a beat.

Photography by Thomas Loof for AD (USA) Feb 2012.

Rees Roberts

I think my heart almost skipped a beat when I saw these images of a recent project by NY based firm Rees Roberts + Partners. The firm’s website has been recently updated and contains all manner of loveliness. I love the clean lines and elegant simplicity in this apartment. I’m hoping to move apartments soon, and I only wish it was to a place that looked like this! *sigh*