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Just in time for Spring!

One of my favorite furniture designers, Romeo Sozzi – founder of the Italian Promemoria line, has just launched an outdoor collection. Oh how I wish I had a rooftop now!

The Green Tales collection was inspired by Lake Como and the surrounding mountains of Sozzi’s home, Lecco, in Northern Italy. Designed to be used both indoor and out, each piece is made with the same level of craftsmanship as Promemoria’s indoor collections. Using the same luxurious materials: wood, bronze, marble and rattan, the collection definitely does not look like any other outdoor range I’ve ever seen.

In addition to being incredibly chic, its also about to be incredibly Eco friendly. Promemoria is in the process of having all the timber used FSC certified, meaning it will come from sustainably harvested timbers. It also means it will count towards points for LEED certifcation. What more could you want?

The seriously stunning Belvedere Chaise. I want one. Or even better, two. Bronze and wood, my favorite combination.

The Menaggio loungers. The Twin size is a great option.

Varenna Chair & Ottoman

Moltrasio Sofa. Yum.

various Lierna marble tables. Seriously cool for inside or out. imagine one next to a free-standing marble bath!

And last, but not least, the Erasmo table.

All images care of Promemoria

Milan style

As promised here are the pics of Romeo Sozzi’s Milan apartment. I’ve been meaning to post and share these with you for ages now, but I’m starting to realise why people are more often stating time as their greatest luxury. Nevertheless, here they are. I’m quite in love with the colour he’s used on the majority of these walls – opposed to his Paris apartment, these are quite neutral but there is a real light and ethereal feeling about these spaces, but still warm. His use of materials is exquisite – silks, velvet, crocodile leather, ebony etc. As per his Paris apartment most the furniture is from his company Promemoria. Hope you enjoy!

All photography by Jo Pauwels, from the book “A&D Series: Urban Spaces” published in Hong Kong by Page One.

Romeo Sozzi – a man of style

Romeo Sozzi – the head designer of one of my favorite furniture collections Promemoria – is one incredibly stylish man. I first came across the furniture line while perusing a favorite shopping spot in Singapore, MOIE a few years ago. All of their designs are incredibly elegant, refined and remind me just a little of the designs of another famous Italian, Gio Ponti. Only the best materials are used, as you would imagine of an Italian company. Here are just a few of my favorite designs…

Irene Chair

Sofia Chair

Theo Desk

Wanda Sofa

Gong Bronze Tables – love this!

Galadriel Desk – and this!

Frou Bed

Club Sofa

I was already familiar with Signor Sozzi’s Milan apartment, so you can imagine my delight to have found photos of his Paris apartment in the latest issue of the Italian Architectural Digest….just a little drool worthy.
The choice of colour throughout the apartment is an interesting one, a dusty rose I would probably call it. Not what you would normally call masculine, but I think with his mix of furniture and art its quite successful – it’s nothing if not unique!

Two different views of the living area. I think the fabulous bones of this apartment play a big part in getting away with this colour on such a large scale. Like most of the furniture in his apartment, the ‘Wanda’ sofa is from Promemoria. I think the image just above may be my favorite of all…the colours are so harmonious and look fabulous with the art selected. Very dreamy indeed.
As in his Milan apartment, Sozzi has chosen to paint the kitchen an entirely different colour. Not sure what the thinking is behind that move, but I guess its good to break it up a bit.

The ‘Kyoto’ cabinet and ‘Bamboo’ dining table in the casual eating area, adjacent to the kitchen.
‘Sofia’ dining chairs can been seen in the more formal dining room. The room in the background looks to be painted in a fabulous chocolate colour…I wish they’d included pics of it…from what I can see it looks amazing.
Last but not least, the bedroom which has a ‘Frou Frou’ bed and ‘Amacord’ armoire.
If these are your kind of eye candy, stay tuned for tomorrow when I’ll post pics of his Milan apartment which is equally as stylish.

Apartment photos from AD Italia, January 2009 by Giorgio Baroni. Furniture images from the Promemoria website.