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Time & Place

To say that I’m excited about the release of NY based designer Steven Gambrel’s first book, “Time & Place”, is probably a bit of a understatement. One of my favorite designers over the last few years, Gambrel seems to somehow outdo himself with each and every project. One of the most original eyes for colour around, and a sense of what is timeless yet current, this book will surely be a wonderful record of his work to date. I can’t wait for my copy to arrive!

Green with envy

Is this not the perfect shade of green? Am I right, or am I right? I so want those walls in my bedroom! If Gambrel keeps this up, I’ll give up now and move to NY to join his bottega…

The posts from me might be a little on the light side for the coming weeks while I finish up my full-time job and some other exciting things, so this will have to do you for a while…I promise I’ll let you know whats happening when I can! I do plan to get a website together by the end of the year with some project photos, and this blog will be a part of it.

Oh, and in breaking news, my friends Alex & Ellis’ new shop ‘Moustache’ just got a write up in the NY Times T Magazine – how exciting! I attending the shop opening on Wednesday night (such a cute space). So check out their store if you are ever in Hong Kong, or you can also buy online!

One more Gambrel post

I’m in love with this kitchen. And I promise that’ll be the last Gambrel post for at least a little while….

a resolution

So I lost a lot of sleep last night thinking how on earth I could combine rich, dark lacquered walls with my love of early-mid 20th Century design in my fictional apartment. And then it hit me.

But Steven Gambrel has already done it (and has updated his website, for all the other Gambrel stalkers out there!).
I’ll sleep better tonight…