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I discovered a new furniture collection today, Dawn Nakamura is a stylish young furniture designer based in New York (another great reason for me to move there…) and her first collection, called “Epiphany”, is just divine. Reminiscent of the early century masters her collection is modern and very versatile. These are a few of my favorites…
I love the shape of this cabinet, and the use of Kamagong timber (a timber found exclusively in the Philipines, and a member of the Ebony family) is striking.
The turquoise shagreen band on this coffee table adds a bit of unexpected colour and texture to an otherwise classic profile.

Parchment covered sofa – an absolute classic.

Dawn says of the production of her work “My fabricator for Parchment and Shagreen trained in London with one of the last fabricators who worked with the late John Paul Cooper. J.P.C. is who brought back the revival of Parchment and Shagreen in the 1930s and 40’s and did work for Jean-Michel Frank, Rhulman, etc..”

Her collection is available to the trade only, and her showroom is open only by appointment, but I thought I would share this for fellow designers living in NYC.

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