Flea ‘n Cents

So I started a new job this week, and I’ve been having fun checking out some of the shops in my new neighbourhood. One in particular, which I discovered today (had heard of, but not been able to find the address) is a little second hand goods shop. A second hand shop is probably not sounding terribly exciting to you all, but its a bit of a rarity in Hong Kong. Asian people in general are not particularly big on second hand stuff, they much prefer newer items as they’re viewed as a bit of a luxury. Most people don’t want stuff that’s old or pre-used, otherwise you look like you can’t afford new stuff! I am generalising of course, but as a general rule, its true. So….to find a mini flea market around the corner of my office was very exciting. It’s called Flea and Cents, and they carry all kinds of designer goods, some new, some vintage, and goodies from all over, that vary in age. They have some amazing looking 1950’s lamps in on consignment at the moment, one of which looked like a green ceramic version of a Billy Haines horse head lamp. Veeeery groovy. I wish I had a pic to show you, but I don’t, so here is the original that I think it was based on.

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