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There are some people that you know you’ll like, even without meeting them in person. One of those people for me is NY based, Carlos Aparicio. Aparicio, an architect and owner of Gallery BAC, has phenomenal taste, which is precisely why I know we’d get along famously. His homes, which have featured in Elle Decor twice, and his New York gallery are filled with treasures that together are like a checklist of my favorite desingers. Andre Arbus – check! Jean-Michel Frank – check! Emile Jacques Ruhlmann – check! Andre Sornay – check! Jean-Charles Moreaux – check! Okay, I bet you get the picture. Add a few famous Danish mid-century designers in there and you’ve got yourself one stylish pad. It’s interesting to see that Aparicio has moved from what looks like an older style building, with period mouldings, to a more modern looking space with barely any architectural details at all. The furniture really is the feature here, and I’m sure that’s intentional as he admits that his apartment is also used as a showroom, moving pieces between home and the shop. I’m not sure that I could live with such beautiful pieces and then bare to part with them so easily. I guess I’d never make a very good antiques dealer…but I wouldn’t say no if he offered me a job!

Current aparment

Previous apartment

First 7 images from Elle Decor March 2008, Last 6 images from Elle Decor, November 2003 – all photography by William Waldron.

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