Great Southern Land

You could be mistaken for thinking the title of this post is a reference to Australia, and the famous song by Icehouse of the same title (the Aussies out there will know what I’m talking about). But no, I’m actually talking about South Africa. With the World Cup action coming to an end, and recently meeting another lovely couple from here, my feet are itching and the travel bug is back. Any excuse to travel to this amazing place would do, like a wedding for example (hint, hint!)…kidding. But seriously, if I do make it to South Africa this place will be on my list of places to visit. Delaire Graff, a a short drive from Cape Town, is a stunning estate which has recently been designed by David Collins Studio. The estate is home to not just a winery, but a restaurant and boutique hotel as well. As you can see from above the surrounding landscape is breathtaking, so if the food and wine are anywhere near as good as this (and the interiors – check out the website for more pics!) I’m sure its heavenly!

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