Hong Kong design series – Part 1

I’ve been thinking that in response to Decorno’s call for original content I might post about some of the design companies / stores based here, in the wonderful concrete jungle that I live in, Hong Kong. I thought I was actually the only design blogger (english speaking) based here, but I thankfully found another – also another Australian – who is behind the blog All things Bright & Beatiful. But because most of my blogging friends are based in other parts of the world I thought I might treat you to a little of what this small, past-paced, sensual, colourful, busy, convenient, noisy, opportunistic, intoxicating and often weird city has to offer. So here goes…

OVO is a sister company to the one I work for, so its a good a place as any to start. Based in Wan Chai, which has a colourful history of it’s own, OVO has a large showroom full of what is probably best described as modern Asian design. Everything from furniture, art, rugs, to the gamut of homewares can be found here, or if it’s for your outdoor area that you’re looking for – then OVO Garden is only 2 doors down. This is one of my favorite stores in Hong Kong simply because of the variety of stock. It’s also located in a fantastic spot – right on the doorstep of the new Star Street district which has a fantastic variety of international cuisine. OVO has also been getting some great international press exposure, including a small feature in the new Elle Decor (UK) magazine (see below).

So if you’re planning a trip to Honkers, and you’re a fan of modern asian design, make sure this place is on your list of places to visit!

Article from Elle Decor (UK)

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