in search of the perfect cuppa….continued

I found myself an early Xmas present yesterday while out running errands.  Anyone who reads this blog knows I’m a bit of a tea fan.  So I was definitely a little thrilled when I saw this darling little package on the shelves of Kapok in Wan Chai.  As you also know, I’m a bit of a sucker for nice packaging, which is why this caught my eye. Upon further investigation though, it turns out Steven Smith tea is more than just a pretty face, its also a producer of artisanal small batch teas. I picked myself up a box of the Kandy No. 23 blend (above), and was a tiny bit disappointed that they were tea bags (although still full leaf and very high quality)…I do love to brew a nice pot.  A bit of further investigation on their website and it seems they do also sell loose leaf tea…I’m just not sure if it’s available in Hong Kong.  They’re based in Portland, Oregon and have a very cute looking shop front, however for the rest of us they do also ship overseas. Will someone put the kettle on for me?

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  • Linenqueen says:

    Oh my Gawd that is the most adorable package. I would have bought it too. Bet it was expensive . . . But then high style is costly. Glad to know there are others out there that spoil themselves. Good for you. Whenever you are in my neighborhood we will sip together.

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