It’s out!

Yay! I think I might have to make a special trip past the newstand tonight to pick myself up a copy. Have a great weekend everyone!

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  • Cleopatra says:

    interestingly enough I got the online version I subscribed to beginning of last week so I guess the digital copies get distributed first…

    But as I sorely expected, reading it online is just not as cool as a magazine in your hands with your legs curled under you on a sofa, but at least i guarantee receiving it in Egypt this way.

  • Suzy says:

    Ronda & Franki – the cover is gorgeous…so wish I could take a holiday this year…but it might have to wait a while til I’m less busy…it’s very tempting though!

  • franki durbin says:

    didn’t that cover just kill you? that’s what all summer magazines should do inspire you to head outside.

  • ALL THE BEST says:

    I LOVE the cover! Can’t wait to get my copy!!

  • Suzy says:

    Joni – that’s terrible…I had it in HK on Friday!!

    PS, I just moved the subscribe box…thanks for the hint!

  • Cote de Texas says:

    It’s STILL not out in HOuston! I’m dying!!!!!!!

    thanks for the comment Suzy! Ron is a hoot, that’s for sure.

    I just subscribed to your blog..I’m so excited! I’ve never seen the box before – it’s sooooo far down, you should move it up on top. bossy bossy.


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