J’aime Hong Kong!

Hong Kong’s cognoscenti was out in force last night at the Lane Crawford home store to catch a glimpse of the multi-talented Spanish designer Jaime Hayon, where he made a guest appearance. It seemed like the crowd just couldn’t get enough of the charming young Spaniard, and he seemed to be equally enjoying working the crowd.

A man whose style is difficult to define – although if pressed to do so, “Neo-Baroque” might partly fit the bill – Hayon seems to channel the past through his own unique filter system, to create new to the world products that are somewhat familiar to us in an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ kind of way.

Hayan’s brand of futurism is appealing on many levels, and is as elegant as it is whimsical. His unique stamp has graced products as varied as shoes, lighting, toys, furniture, textiles and interiors. It’s his bathware range entitled “Artquitect” that I’m most enamoured with though. High gloss, curvaceous legs and generous proportions are definitely a winning combination in a bath, as I’m sure the photos below will attest.

A few more of my favorite designs from Studio Hayon.

And yes, that first image is from my signed copy of his book…but you weren’t surprised were you? I already admitted I was a design groupie!

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