Just Andersen

I have recently become a little obsessed with the beautiful works of Just Andersen (1884 – 1943) – a Danish sculptor and silver smith. He is best known for his neoclassical Scandinavian style pieces for everyday use in pewter, brass, copper, bronze and “Disko”. Disko metal is an alloy of lead and antimony, Andersen’s own creation, which he named after Disko Bay (in Greenland), where he grew up. It was used to produce “Bronze” items, such as candlesticks, vases, lamps and sculptures for ‘common people’, because it was cheaper than true bronze. After being cast, the pieces were patinated as bronze, copper or brass. I absolutely love the elegant simplicity of the forms he created. Here are a few of my favorites that are currently available.

Disko metal accessories – 1st image (candelabra & bowl) available from 1st Dibs, 9th image (bowls) available through artnet, all other items from Gallery BAC.

Three pieces made from Pewter, all available from Gallery BAC.

A selection of lamps, all in Disko metal. 1st pic available through 1st Dibs, last 3 items available at Gallery BAC.

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