M.L. Poomchai Chumbala

Following on from the Thai theme of yesterday’s post, I thought I’d share some pics I found of the Bangkok home of Agalico’s creator, ML Poomchai Chumbala. His stunning home was created by using remnants and pieces of over 5 traditional Thai homes that were otherwise demolished. The traditional floor plan of a Thai home is a square shape, with rooms surrounding a central courtyard. Chumbala has somewhat ignored tradition by laying out his home in a large ‘H’ shape, with two long annexes, joined in the centre – allowing a greater variety of views from each room, and better cross ventilation (a must in Bangkok’s tropical climate!). This was probably the only traditional element he has ignored, because the rest of the construction was done as close to traditional methods as possible – not a single nail was used! This is not to say that he was forgone modern conveniences – there is still running water, electricity, and air-conditioning – it just happens to be very cleverly concealed.

One quick look at the decor and you can tell very quickly that this is the home of an avid collector – and one with a very refined eye. Some of these pieces have been in his family for several generations, so they have quite a history as well as personal meaning. The dark wood interior is quite a contrast to the all white of Agalico, but it has such an exotic feel to it – I certainly wouldn’t say no to spending the night here! What do you think?

All images from Architectural Digest, November 2005 – Photographed by Robert McLeod.

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  • columnist says:

    Now these photos I recognise, but I’m not sure where from…possibly the AD article, but I think something more local. I agree, gorgeously rich, and beautifully decorated. And authentically hi-so Thai. (I think it’s featured in a book here….which I may have; will check my library.) But thanks for showing – beautiful pictures indeed.

  • Gina says:

    Very beautiful home, good combination of the different antique parts. Super photos too. This man has style. I definitely would love to be invited to a dinner party there.
    Gina from Germany

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