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This is the gorgeous bar and restaurant that Kelly Wearstler designed at the Bergdorf Goodman flagship store in New York. I love the colours she has chosen for this space, they’re so fresh and modern, but also very glamorous and chic. Apparently BG wanted a space that would appeal to all ages, and I think she’s managed to accomplish that here. I think this project is also a bit of a departure from her ‘typical’ look, and she’s shown that she is capable of mixing it up a bit.

I love the wall panelling here, the gold and black work like magic together. Notice the mermaid sconce on the wall to the left? It’s the same as the one used in the dining room in my last post. They’re from Jean de Merry. I’ve noticed she uses a lot of their lighting in her projects, including her previous home. I just wish I knew where she gets her lamps from…!

I think Kelly has a fantastic eye for contemporary art, and has a talent for merging them into interiors that have great verve.

The wallpaper is from De Gournay, and it works so well here. I love the combination of the pale blue with this apple green. It’s so fresh.

The sconces here are also from Jean de Merry, and are the same as those used in the living room in my last post.

I just love the mirrored panels here – and the colours she’s used.

These ‘sea urchin’ ceiling lights are fantastic. The cabinet at the back of the room is KWID design.

I’m loving these canopied armchairs. She’s used them in a lot of projects recently and are starting to look old already, but I love them used here in this intimate table setting. All of the furniture seen here was made for the project by Sunview Finishing in L.A. (for anyone in the area, their number is 323-954 9263). Apparently she uses them a lot.

Images are from the KWID website and from Hospitality Design magazine – April 2006 (vo. 28).

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  • Suzy says:

    Thanks Patricia – I haven’t seen any images of the hotel in Chicago – if you have some I’d love to see them. I’ve seen a few vintage canopy chairs on 1st Dibs lately and they look grey, I can imagine them in a Library – or somewhere intimate like you mentioned.

  • says:

    Hi Suzy
    What a well done post!!! thanks for giving us an indepth view of her work and wonderful resources.
    I agree with you that her canopied chairs are starting to look old, but they are ever so Chic. The Hotel I stayed in Chicago last week was done by KWID and she used those same chairs in the lounge.
    I had to sit in them and check out how comfy they were. You feel totally cocooned and my voice slightly echoed inside. Great chairs for intimate, private conversations.

  • Suzy says:

    ooooh, POC I’m so jealous! How was the food, was it as good as the decor?

  • The Peak of Chic says:

    I’ve eaten there only once, but it was great. I felt like I was in a glamorous 1930s movie! (And thank you for the source for her sconces. I’ll be sure to visit that site.)

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