Ralph Lauren Home – the new collections

I was taking a look at the 3 new home collections from Ralph Lauren over the weekend – has anyone else seen them? I’m usually so excited by all the images that they put togehter, they have such a creative team – many of whom go on to become respected interior designers in their own right – but this season was a bit of a disappointment for me. All of these collections look like they’re a pastiche of recycled looks – particularly “St Germain”. Perhaps I’m being too critical, I’m sure it would not be an easy task to create 3 new collections per season (? or biannually – not sure), but this collection looks so re-hashed to me. Apart from the name, there is nothing that stands out as being french to me about this look either. It looks tired to me. Anyone else have an opinion about the new ranges?

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  • Suzy says:

    Patricia, I agree, I meant to write that in my post – but I guess that’s what they need to do to stay in business.

  • stljoie says:

    I love the stuff. We recently created a media room in a sunny room. Well the blackout drapes are up and I am surprised at how claustrophobic I feel. So it’s the black walls and darkness that disturb me.

  • says:

    I agree with you. I myself am getting so tired of recycled looks. I don’t find them too inspiring. Maybe they are trying to appeal to the masses. I don’t think you are being too critical. We need to speak up and be the change we want.

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