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Aussie aussi

While I was back in Melbourne I enjoyed catching up on few of the decor magazines that I don’t buy regularly here in Hong Kong, namely House & Garden. One spread in particular that caught my eye was the home of the Melbourne-based French interior designer, Jean-Pierre Heurteau. If you remember, he is the designer behind those glossy black floors in a previous post. He is such a character in real life, so it was so great to see a home of a designer that I’ve actually met. His home is so full of life, colour, and well – flamboyance, that is enough to make any minimalist sick. But I love that he has been true to his personality, and has somehow managed to blend Australian and French cultures together – not an easy task!

As you can see he’s used an all white palette for the background and layered it with pieces of different eras and cultures – and so many colours. Who knew that Aboriginal art would look so fabulous with French antiques?

With all those reflective surfaces and silk damasks it would feel like you were living inside a jewellery box!

I love the contrast between the stark white walls and the super dark (black?) carpet, and all that gold gilding. So lush. Yum. It’s almost enough to make me want to move back to Australia…

All photos by Shania Shegedyn for Australian House & Garden magazine, May 2009.