The Maison 21 OCDD Challenge

The ever so lovely and talented Christian of Maison 21 Blog has laid down the design gauntlet again. The Obsessive Compulsive Decorating Disorder (OCDD) is something most of us design bloggers suffer from, and this challenge is the perfect way to help us all stay sane, especially in financial times like these…

The OCDD challenge involves using at least 2 items from the original entry (I’m keeping the cerused oak floors and the lovely Twombly painting) or from the Maison 21 atelier inventory.

After much deliberation, here is my fantasy living room (please excuse the terrible photoshop skills!). These are all items I’ve been lusting after for some time, and given the opportunity and no budget constraints, this is what I would love to put together. I’m sure all of these will be nixed next month when I find something else I love even more, but then that’s the whole idea of a fantasy project, right?

I’m a little bit obsessed with black, grey and brass together at the moment…as you can probably tell!

Ceiling light by Serge Mouille, the Twombly painting from the original post, Sofa is a vintage Monteverde-Young design (now sold) from 1st Dibs, small red side table is by Herve Van Der Straeton, black resin mirror by Louis Durot, console vintage French (now sold) also from 1st Dibs, Taccia table lamp from Flos, Bronze sculptures by Lucio Fontana, Paolo Buffa (attr.) armchair from Animali Domestici in London, and Taccia table by Meret Oppenheim from Von Zezschwitz.

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