The New Bespoke

I remember seeing this image for the first time in Elle Decor back in November 2007. It took my breath away than, and it still does today. Its the art, the richness of the colours, those textured walls, and above all else the fascinating mix of furniture. The lucky resident of this room is also the designer, Frank Roop, and I have since become a massive fan. Roop’s work has been widely published and I’ve been able to sate my appetite for the visual richness that he puts together so deftly. So, as you can imagine, I’m quite looking forward to getting his first book in my hot little hands.

“Frank Roop – The New Bespoke”, will not be like any other design book we’ve read. Of his first monograph, Roop says “I didn’t want it to be just a portfolio of my work, but a book with a story and a point of view.” In a push against today’s mass-produced world, Roop features and celebrates the cottage industry of local artisans who craft his custom furniture that have become such a signature element of his interiors. And with a nod to his past, in specialty menswear, the book features a variety of inspirations drawn from the worlds of art, archticture, fashion and nature.

And I gotta say, if the book is put together only half as well as the homes he creates, its sure to be a best seller. I can’t wait for my copy to arrive…

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