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OK, so I went looking for it, it wasn’t like I accidentally stumbled across this abandoned early 1900’s (apparently haunted) mansion. I read about it in a recent HK Magazine and decided I should go check it out at lunch time because it is so close to my work. This derelict building is actually classified with the Antiquities and Monuments office of the HK government….amazing! Sorry for the sarcasm, but you wouldn’t even know it existed…there are barely any buildings of notable history left. In true HK style, this building has been privately owned by a developer for 20 years, but is still sitting empty. This may have something to do with the fact that its rumoured to be the most haunted spot in Hong Kong. There is very little information about what is called ‘Nam Koo Terrace’ – on Ship Street (for anyone else in HK who wants a sneak peek!) on the internet. Apparently it was used during the Japanese occupation as a ‘comfort house’. I’m not entirely sure what that means…but I think I can make a good guess. It’s also very close to a set of tunnels that were carved out of the side of the mountain to be used in case of an air raid. Loads of interesting history (most of it hearsay mind you, but I’m sure the facts are just as fascinating), and its gorgeous. It’s a freakin’ crime that its sitting there empty!
I did read though that it was propsed by the developer to be knocked down as part of a new hotel complex to be constructed in the area, but thankfully the nearby residents opposed it and now its apparently going to be preserved and opened to the public. I’d love to be the one to restore it to its former glory!

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