Today I’m loving…

This vintage mid-century looking clock. I have no idea who designed this piece (althought to me it looks a bit like Parzinger’s style), so if anyone out there has any leads I’d love to know where to track one down!

Photography from the new Stepevi Rugs catalogue.

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  • katiedid says:

    What a beauty! I do like the clean lines. M21 has such a great eye and great info!

  • Suzy says:

    Thanks for the info M21 – how fab that it opened to storage – even better!

  • maison21 says:

    actually, my friend and fellow ebay seller, swellpad, sold one a while back (not to me, darnit!). when you see it in higher resolution, it’s very danish modern in it’s styling (teak and brushed brass) so i’m guessing scandinavian late 50’s-early sixties. it wasn’t marked anywhere, so it’s just a guess.

    it’s quite magnificent, whomever designed it- it’s tall and opens to storage! i had my friend title his auction “parzinger meets juhl obelisk clock”, so i’m with you on the parzinger-esque quality, suzy!

    love, love, LOVE it!

  • Suzy says:

    Hi Columnist! Thanks for dropping by and giving some clues as to the history of that gorgeous clock. You have a great blog too – and a great looking portfolio!

  • columnist says:

    I’m guessing, but I think it’s a repro Art Deco style, or possibly earlier, Art Nouveau, in the Charles Rennie Mackintosh genre, (Glasgow school). In your previous post the mention of rents going up 20% I well remember, living in HK. Happily property isn’t so crazy here in Bangkok and you get more space for your baht.

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