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This bed is perfect! It’s got just enough deco-inspired details to make me sleep easy, not too feminine – so my husband will be happy, and I love the upholstered headboard. I usually like a matching endboard, but I love the feet and base on this design. I want one!

Images are from a promotional brochure for the fabric collection from Larry Laslo for Robert Allen. Not sure if the bed is a Laslo design, but I aim to find out!

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  • Anonymous says:

    Way late, having just found this looking for bedroom inspiration. In case anyone visits after me and you haven’t yet posted this info, it is indeed a Larry Laszlo design, for Ferguson Copeland out of Morganton, NC.

    Now if I can just find a price…

  • patricia gray says:

    Hi Suzy
    I went to the Ballet last night and to my surprise the carpet and seating in the theatre had recently been redone in a wonderful purple and then to my further delight the dancers in the opening Ballet were all dressed in Purple. I was in Purple heaven.
    Now I have to find a way to work purple into my next client’s color scheme. I can’t get it out of my mind.

  • beachbungalow8 says:

    i’m facinated by that color combo too. not sure that i love just yet. i’m still feeling the ‘jewel tone’ thing from the early 90s.

    moving on from not-so-much mode, i think those end stools are fab. and i love the foot board with that padded head board.

  • Suzy says:

    Me too Patricia, I love Purple, and I quite like it teamed with Taupe, its quite interesting.

  • The Peak of Chic says:

    That is a great bed- stylish and sophisticated, but comfortable too (at least it looks like it!). And yes, it would make husbands happy too (as they usually have a say in the matter whether we like it or not).

  • patricia gray says:

    The colors are very interesting – purple mixed with taupe. I am glad that purple is making a resurgence in this new fresh look. The bedspread fabric has the feeling of a Fortuny….and the bed is also great!

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