Today I’m loving…

…the idea of faux exotic finishes on walls. I’m not sure I can think of anything more luxurious than being completely surrounded by tortoiseshell, ivory or horn. Don’t you think? And the bonus is, there is absolutely no guilt attached!

A study decorated by the late Randall Ridless which was apparently inspired by Billy Baldwins library for Cole Porter. Looks like the perfect place to curl up with a pile of magazines and a cup of tea on a cold day!

Photographed by Simon Upton for the March 2005 issue of Elle Decor.

A bedroom by Miles Redd, with faux ivory (walls) and faux horn (cornices). Just stunning, and so clever.

Photographed by Thomas Loos for the July 2009 issue of House Beautiful.

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  • Suzy says:

    Hi Christian, I’m pretty sure the article said that it was a finish hand-applied. But yes, either way, stunning!

  • maison21 says:

    tortoisehell wallpaper is one of my faves!

    do we know the first room is faux finished, or a paper? either way, stunning!

  • mary says:

    I love faux painted surfaces: lamps, tables, boxes, etc. But a large expanse stretches my taste buds a bit. (With the exception of antique Venetian faux marble) Nevertheless, these rooms are gorgeous. Thanks for the post and giving my brain a mini workout.

  • Alicia says:

    How luxe! A friend of mine has a project that will include a penshell library and all the doors will be wrapped in shagreen! I should show him these horn cornices:-)

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