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Remember me talking about the house in Australia that we own? The one we bought, moved into, gutted and renovated and then left – never to return – all in a matter of 6 months? We sold it. Last month. I’m a bit sad to say goodbye. But I’m more sad that we never got to finish the renovations. That little house had a soul of its own, and I felt I owed it the decency of being completely restored. I guess it was just not meant to be. Such is life, hey?

So this post is a tribute to the house that was to be my first real estate purchase, my first home as a married woman, and where I had hoped to raise my children. It may have been the first, but it won’t be the last.

Looking down the hallway into the house from the front door. Lovely paint job, and what we later discovered was 3 layers of linoleum flooring…with newspapers dating back to the 50’s underneath.

Looking down the hallway in the opposite direction, facing the front door. A complete transformation, no? We completely gutted the place, so all plasterwork, architectural trimmings were replaced…the leadlight above the front door is however, original.

The front room of the house which, originally as a Victorian would have been a sitting room of some sort, was our master bedroom.

The original skirtings and doors had been taken out, so we replaced them with with more historically correct features, and replaced the ceiling rose. We also replaced the front window – which was rotting – with a historically correct replica, although one that was higher allowing more natural light into the front of the house.

The second front room…which we had planned to use as a nursery eventually….

also had a new window frame and ended up as someone else’s sitting room.

The original fireplace had been taken out by the previous owners, as well as all of the original mouldings and architectural features…

so these were also replaced. This room became one of my favorites – during the one and only time I saw it!

These pics were taken by our Real Estate Agent for the sale of the property, so while I can claim credit for the design of the renovations, I cannot however claim any of the decoration inside. All of the furniture belonged to our tennant.

Thanks for letting me give you a tour. I hope it won’t be too long until I’ll get to give you another…

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  • Topsy Turvy says:

    What a wonderful job – the plaster in the hall and the fireplace! I know it’s sad not to be able to finish what you started, and to have just a vision of what could have been … but I’m sure you’ll have another opportunity. Lucky buyer!


  • - Suzie - says:

    Hi Suzy,
    what a great job you did!
    The photos look stunning!
    Did you ever life there? For how long?

    Don’t put the money on your bank account! 😉

    All the best

  • Redgate Studios says:

    Hi Suzy,
    lucky you sold when you did, bottom has dropped out f the market at the moment. No different to anywhere else I guess though.
    Having just finished a massive renovation on an 80’s bungalow on our farm, I have vowed never to do another one unless it’s on a period property that I am totally in love with!!!

  • Patricia Gray says:

    Our lives are really reflected in our homes. They are the vessel for our dreams and it is alway sad to leave a home when there is so much that has been vested in it emotionally. All the best to you!!

  • Song of Style says:

    What a beautiful house!!!
    I’m sure you’ll have another chance to decorate a gorgeous house like that!!!

  • Suzy says:

    Hi Julia – sure, go ahead!

    Thanks Gina – although I don’t expect too much sympathy, it was fun while it lasted, and decision was mine to make…

    Thanks Joni! I’m not too sad, as it was my decision, and sometimes life throws things at you that you’d never plan but work out the best.

  • Cote de Texas says:

    Amazing reno – yet so sad! I feel for you – being so far away from home!! The hall is so lovely with the molding on the arch – that is a great idea to break up a large hallway. Life is sad sometimes – but you have your new home now!!!!


  • Gina says:

    What a cute little house, well gone … what a pity!
    Gina from Germany

  • Julia says:

    Wow, what a fabulous renovation! So sad you had to leave it! I think I’m going to post one of these images on CasaSugar as a teaser linking to this, if that’s okay with you. Let me know if not.
    jwalsh at

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