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It’s been a great week in the art world in Hong Kong. First of all, a local gallery organised a Julian Schnabel exhibition and brought him out to Hong Kong for the first time. Very exciting – this kind of level of work does not come here often. I saw the exhibition on Wednesday evening and was really impressed by the work they showed. I must admit I only discovered Julian Schnabel earlier this year when I learned that he had decorated the new Grammercy Park Hotel in New York. It was only after that that I discovered he was quite an acclaimed artist as well as film director.

On Thursday night I attended one of a series of lectures on contemporary Asian Art, held by the Asian Art Archive and sponsored by Christie’s. The subject of the lecture was contemporary studio practice in India. The speaker was Atul Dodiya, an accomplished Indian contemporary artist who has been exhibiting internationally for some time now. Again, I was very impressed. Not only was he well spoken and articulate, but his body of work is quite phenomenal. I was also very happy learn more about the AAA – they are a registered charity, and the only organisation fo their kind in the world – who are amassing a body of work and information about contemporary asian art that is freely available to the public. If you’re ever in Hong Kong and interested in this topic, check it out.

These are my picks from the exhibitions…

Julian Schnabel, “Fox Farm”, 1989 – oil, gesso & resin on found painting

Atul Dodiya, “Three Painters”, 1996, oil & acrylic on canvas (the person to the left is actually the artist)

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