winter warmers

Maybe its winter and the thought of staying at home with my cats on days like these, or maybe its a shift in my tastes. Either way I seem to be drawn more often than not these days to rooms with warm plummy colours. I was never a fan of purples really, but I certainly seem to be now. It pairs perfectly with chocolates, blueberries and mushrooms. I don’t know if I’d paint the whole house this colour, but definitely my bedroom or a small reading room. What do you think?

Dining room of designer Marcelo Lucini

by S. Russell Groves

Romeo Sozzi’s apartment in Romea living room by Martin Brudnizki

a living room by Laura Kirar
one of my all times favorites, by Jacques Grange

from an article on 1st Dibs about on Fort Street Studio

bedroom by Candy& Candy 

unknown source


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