Suzy Annetta

Born and educated in Melbourne, Australia, Suzy’s passion for design was evident early in life. Like other children, she spent many hours painting — unlike other children, she spent just as many studying floor plans and visiting show houses. 

Later, with a further developed love for the arts and the built environment, Suzy went on to study Interior Design and Textiles, putting this to use in helping clients to select furnishing fabrics to match their existing interior. Over the following years, Suzy worked across the interiors industry. Her experience with furniture, home wares and bedding further built her understanding of the relationship between the components of an interior. 

A stroke of destiny then found Suzy working in Tokyo for an American textile company, this time developing the products she had sold for much of her career. Several years later, and over several continents travelled, Suzy found herself back in Asia, this time in Hong Kong. After holding senior positions with two award-winning design firms and gaining experience in high-end residential and 5-star hospitality projects, Suzy founded Studio Annetta. 

Moving from textiles and interior products to interior design has been a natural evolution for Suzy, who begins a project with a focus on material and colour. As a result, Suzy has become highly regarded for her use of colour and for interiors characterised by refined surfaces and beautiful materials. 

A lover of early 20th Century design — especially the French designers — Suzy is highly influenced by this aesthetic in her work. However, she also draws inspiration from nature, fashion, the decorative arts and her travels. Suzy believes in not following passing trends but in using harmonious elements to create a symphonic environment. Whatever the style of the space she works with, Suzy strives to create refined yet comfortable interiors.


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