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Rodolphe Parente (and no, I’m not dead)

Sorry for the radio silence folks! I know its been an eternity since I last posted…a few sweet emails saying how much you missed posts are enough motivation to get me back to blogging. Its been a combination of being busy and lacking inspiration. Luckily I’m on holiday now and came across these stunning images of a Paris apartment by a new-to-me designer, Rodolphe Parente.

I’m loving the mix of new and vintage furniture, the colours, and all those amazing details. How great are those doors in the bedroom, and the metal inlay in the bathroom floor…Swoon!










IKEA + Ilse Crawford = LOVE!

I’m so sorry for the radio silence everyone…I can’t believe its been a few months since my last post. Yikes!

So I know this collaboration between IKEA and Studio Ilse is kinda all over the internet but I couldn’t help repost it. All I’m going to say is that I’ll be lining up over night before it launches here (god, I hope it does make it to HK!)…I’ve started mentally preparing a shopping list already. I’m definitely getting some of those cork stools, probably a few of the low benches, and I’ll definitely be stocking up on all the accessories…loving the glass jars and vessels…and hopefully loving the IKEA price…











Suzy Hoodless

Unfortunately these days I don’t have much time for reading magazines, that is magazines apart from design anthology. That is except, much like the rest of you probably, when I’m on a plane to somewhere. I picked up a copy of the UK House & Garden on a recent trip – not a magazine I normally read to be honest – but this feature definitely stood out. I felt the need to post it for a few reasons…A) I’ve had my eye on Suzy Hoodless for a while, B) we share the same first name, and C) funnily enough our careers have been the same in reverse – she leaving the magazine world to go into interior design. I enjoyed the mix of elements she’s used…and the study. The study is to die for. With the amount of hours I’ve been working lately I sure would like to have a place like this at home! Enjoy.













Spinocchia Freund

Sorry for the absence folks…I’ve had a wonderful month away…London and Paris (working) and then a very relaxing 2 weeks in Spain with friends. Sigh. Now, back to reality. Its always hard cleaning out the old email inbox after such a long trip, so its a bonus when one of those emails is full of pretty pictures. One of those types of emails landed in my inbox, so I’m very happy to be able to share these with you all.

This stunning Notting Hill Townhouse has been designed by London-based firm, Spinocchia Freund, (previously known as Bespoke London) which is helmed by designer Brigitta Spinocchia Freund. I love the updated classic detailing, the colour palette they’ve used and that cheeky chandelier (can you see the skeletal hands?).

Hope you enjoy as much as I did!
























Design on Hollywood

Attention Hong Kong folks – you need to get yourself down to this fab even next weekend!



Le Flandrin

Le Flandrin, Paris is another stunning creation by Joseph Dirand….one of my favorite designers at the moment (and a bit of a crush too). Love the colour combo, those stunning floors, the use of antique mirror, and those walls look like they’re clad in gold leaf. Stunning. Adding it to my list now…








issue 2!

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts lately…super busy with design anthology! Speaking of which, I almost for got to tell you that issue 2 has hit the newsstands.



For a list of stockists near you, check out our website

Coveting this today…

…the ‘Solaris Kinetic table’ by Lara Bohinc.



weekend discoveries

a couple of exciting discoveries…

Jinbao Street chair, designed by Yabu Pushelburg 
for Avenue Road
Transmission ceiling pendant by studio deform

Creative Mixer

Are you a creative living in HK? Want to meet a few more HK-based creatives? Then come along to the Savvy Creative Mixer next Thursday night at Tivo.

We’ll be there, and we may just have a few copies of the magazine to give away…


Loving today…

….this image from a recent residential project by one of my favorite Spanish designers, Lorenzo Castillo. The artwork placement is just perfection, and I’m loving those bright pops of colour.


I’m heading to London for 5 days in September and, as usual, all I can think about is all the great looking restaurants that have opened since I was last there. 

The Gallery at Sketch, a collaboration between restaurateur Mourad Mazouzand and celebrated chef Pierre Gagnaire, with interiors by India Mahdavi and art by Scottish artist David Shrigley…that’s a combination that’s hard to resist. I am loving those zig-zag floors…and actually the combination of pink and brass is not too shabby either. Whould’ve thought! This one is definitely on the list…









daydream believer…

Lately my husband and I have been discussing (read fantasizing) about buying a house in Tasmania…the apple isle, the southern most tip of Australia. A million miles from anywhere and everywhere. 

Of course the minute we started talking about it I had already mentally decorated this hypothetical space in my head. I instantly started thinking I wanted to use green. Its my favorite colour, and we don’t get a lot of it in Hong Kong, so I would love to be able to surround myself with it.

“Frond” from Murobond Paints
It was only after lunch at Aberdeen Street Social on Friday that I realised how great that colour looks with smoked oak wide plank flooring.

As it would be a holiday house, I’m after something unpretentious, comfortable and relaxed. These are a few pics that are taking my breath away at the moment…

Two images above are a private residence by Faye Toogood
Three images above are Ett Hem in Stockholm, Sweden by Ilse Crawford
Two images above, Drift House, in Port Fairy, Australia
Who knows, but the time we actually get around to buying and decorating I’ll have completely changed my mind. Several times.

Aberdeen Street Social

Yesterday I finally had lunch at Aberdeen Street Social. What was meant to be a catch up with a friend and ex-colleague over lunch turned into a 4hr session. Not a bad way to spend a Friday afternoon I’d say. Working for oneself has perks sometimes. 

Anyway, I think I may have found my new favorite restaurant in Hong Kong.  It seems chef Jason Atherton can do no wrong in this city, after the successful openings of 22 Ships and Ham & Sherry. Londoners will know him from Pollen Street Social, Berner’s Tavern and several other establishments.

The restaurant is located in one of the out buildings in PMQ (the former Police Married Quarters) which is one of very few historical restoration projects in Hong Kong. The interiors are by Beijing-based duo Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu of Neri & Hu.

The designers have used a combination of smoked oak flooring and cabinetry, brass accents, black mirror and accents of green (which sounds like a disastrous combination) brilliantly to create something that’s warm, inviting and equally unpretentious. The custom light fixtures were beautiful, and the shade of green on the ceiling has me dreaming of re-painting our apartment.

Big thumbs up from me!

Song Qi

I feel a trip to Monaco coming on….just to visit the spectacular new restaurant ‘Song Qi‘ by Hong Kong-born London-based Alan Yau (the man also behind Wagamama and Hakkasan).

I’m sure the food is great, but I really want to go to check out the stunning interiors. Created by Monaco based design duo Emil Humbert + Christophe Poyet – who were the ones behind the Beef Bar which I blogged about two years ago here – I think these two are definitely ones to watch. I’m loving the mix of brass, black & white and that green. Absolutely stunning.