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Barbara Barry

Barbara Barry is one of my all time favorite designers, so it’s suprising how long it’s taken for me to post about her. To me, she has a innate sense of timeless style that exudes grace and femininity. I have loved almost everything she has designed, from her beautiful interiors, to the products she has designed for a multitude of companies.
This particular project is a 12,000 square foot home in Piedmont, California. It’s a french style mansion, built in 1922 and designed by architect Albert Farr. Barry says she was inspired by the work of Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann and Paul Dupre-Lafon when re-designing the entire interior of the house, right down to the wine cellar. The house is furnished with a mix of french antiques purchased on a trip to Paris, pieces from her furniture collections with Baker, lighting from her collection with Boyd, and some custom designed pieces.

The grand facade.
To me this room is so classic, and I can’t stop looking at it. I don’t know how servicable it would be with all those pale colours though (but I’m guessing with that kind of money you don’t need to worry about practicalities). Barry designed most of the pieces in the living room. Furniture from Baker, lighting from Boyd, and rug from Tufenkian. Fabrics from Cowtan & Tout.
Armchair is from Amy Perlin antiques in NY, fabric from Manuel Canovas.
I just adore this image, the room is just so beautiful. I love everything, from the drapes, to – well let’s just say I love it all. Details same as above.
A 1961 Richard Diebenkorn painting sits above the sofa.
I love the colours of this room, it’s very elegant, but also not too feminine. A 1940’s Bagues chandelier sits above a custom table and chairs in the dining room, fabric by Great Plains. Vintage french wallpaper panel hangs on rear wall.
I think this is definitely the prettiest sun room I’ve ever seen. The walls are covered in a chinoiserie silk wallpaper. Upholstered pieces are custom, fabric on side chair from Scalamandre, sofa and club chair fabric from Cowtan & Tout. The colours in here are just so easy on the eye which makes for a very relaxing retreat.

The master bedroom is a medley of lavender and misty-greys. It has a very 1940’s feel about it too, very chic. Furniture is from Barry’s collection for Baker.

The same colour palette was use throughout the master suite, into the adjoining powder room. Very pretty indeed.

Classic kitchen, made a little less formal looking with the straw blinds. I love the contrast between the black and the white, together with the wood floors and the sandy coloured straw blinds.

Small space style

Believe it or not but this grand looking apartment is only 10 x 5 mtrs (32.8′ x 16.4′). What I find even harder to believe is that it is part of a conversion from a warehouse space in an ultra modern and hip part of Melbourne. It’s super tiny, but it has one great thing going for it – 5 mtr (16.4′) high ceilings. All of the mouldings you see were added by the owner (an antiques broker, in case you can’t guess) to this standard-issue development. It just goes to show you don’t’ need a huge space to create something palatial looking, or an old building to create a look with character and history. I know I’ve been guilty of writing off newish buildings that have no mouldings and look boring as hell, but these photos prove that you can create the look you want (of course the high ceilings help), and you can do it yourself with a little know how.

Two Louis XVI style chairs and a 2 seater sette – covered in venetian silk damask – sit in front of a pair of 200 year old doors that were rescued from an ailing chateau in Normandy.
The doors open to reveal a cleverly hidden hotel quality fold-out bed.

A brass inlaid tortoise shell clock made for Louis XIV sits above a Louis XV set of fruitwood drawers.

View of the living/dining area from the entrance. The kitchen is hidden to the left, and the black spiral staircase leads to the bathroom above. The owner uses small console tables together and is able to seat 8 for dinner parties.

View of the Main room, with bed hidden.
Images from Vogue Living (Australia) July/August 2007 edition.

Lacquered walls

Has anyone else noticed the growing trend of lacquered/glossy walls? I must be a bit slow, because I thought gloss paint was only good for trims until recently. So many designers are using lacquer/gloss as a finish on walls, and I’m starting to think it can look amazing, especially when it’s a dark colour. Not only does it give a wall some interest, the way it reflects light seems to brighten up a room, as opposed to matte finished walls that just seem to suck it all up!

Lacquer has been around in China and Japan since 7000BC. Traditionally, lacquer was made from natural resins, and was used on different artifacts because of it’s durable, waterproof and beautiful finish. But these days there are many aritficial resins that are used to create lacquer, as well as wallcoverings and paints that acheive a similar, if not the same, effect at a much lower cost.

A few sources that I’ve managed to find of roll-form wallcoverings that have a lacquered look are: Valtekz – ‘patent’, Stark – ‘delfo’, Phillip Jeffries – ‘lacquered walls’, Donghia – ‘lacquered walls’, and Robert Crowder – ‘lacquers’.

High-gloss paint can also acheive a similar look, most paint companies offer a high-gloss finish. Fine Paints of Europe has a product called Hollandlac that also gives the high gloss look of lacquer, and comes in two varying degrees of gloss.

Chocolate brown in an interior by Jeffrey Bilhuber.

Forest green walls in an interior by Darren Henault.

High gloss teal in a Miles Redd room.

Feature wall panel in a bedroom at Kip’s Bay 2007 showhouse by Jamie Drake.

More chocolate brown, this time in a room by Markham Roberts.

High gloss ceiling in a Philip Gorrivan interior.

Lipstick red in a Steven Gambrel living room.

More glossy red walls, this is a living room by Todd Alexander Romano.

Christian Lyon

Christian Lyon is probably my favorite Australian interior designer, and one of my all time favorites. He is based in Perth, and his work features in Vogue Living (Australia) quite often. But unfortunately he doesn’t have a website with more images. He always creates glamorous, timeless and sumptuous interiors, with usually some sort of reference to the 30’s and 40’s (my favorite era). I’ll try and find some more to share. Hope you enjoy these!

Antique Biedermeier sofa, lamp on side table from Donghia, hand-painted hanging lantern from Fortuny, Chinese screen hangs above the sofa on the red lacquered walls of the living room.

Lyon designed drinks cabinet (love it), vintage floor lamp and a Barbara Barry chair in the living room.

View of living room from across the dining table.

Australian aboriginal art hanging on the wall of the dining room. Donghia lamp sits on a 1930’s french cabinet. Lyon designed the table and chairs, which are covered in a Fortuny fabric.

More Australian aboriginal art hangs on the walls of the study/sitting room, which are upholstered in French linen. Desk and chair designed by Lyon, chair is covered in faux croc.

Bedroom walls are upholstered in the same French linen. Bed designed by Lyon, with Frette bedlinen. 1940’s Venetian glass lamps are from a Sydney antique dealers (how gorgeous are they!).

Images fromVogue Living May/June 2005.

Steve Leung

Steve Leung is a native Hong Kong Architect and Interior and Product Designer whose work I admire. I thought I’d share some images of a project he completed recently. This is a show flat for a prestigious development in Repulse Bay, an exclusive neighbourhood on the south side of Hong Kong island.

I love this room, the combination of soft pale colours combined with white creates such a soothing atmosphere. The combination of the sofa, side chairs (which look a bit Kelly Wearstler-ish to me) and the buttoned ottoman is fabulous. The lamp on the side table is from Moooi.

Love this dining room. It’s luxuriuous in so many ways – for a start, having that much space in Hong Kong is pretty rare (real estate prices in Hong Kong are similar to those in Manhattan), but the marble floor and the studded upholstered chairs, and the chandelier are so stunning.

I love this bedroom too, from the wallpaper on the feature wall, to the lamp and the upholstered bedhead. So pretty!

Another view of the bedroom – looking into the bathroom. Loving that huge armchair on the left.

The dressing room off the master bedroom – studded detailing on the wardrobe doors to match the side chair.

This bathroom is so stunning. It’s by far the prettiest I’ve seen for a while. Apart from the size of the tub (another space luxury in Hong Kong), I love the mirrored vanity and the curtains hanging behind. I don’t know just how practical that would be (although most people here have a live in maid so aren’t too concerned about cleaning and maintenance!), but its a lovely idea.

Mary McDonald’s office

I think two requests are enough to warrant me posting the images of Mary McDonald’s office that came from said ill-gotten magazine…

As I mentioned, this was the first I had ever seen the work of milliner, turned decorator, Mary Mc Donald. And that was enough to be hooked. It took me ages to track down her website to see more of her work. Once I had, I realised that I had actually seen a few homes she’d completed in magazines, and not realised. She’s a master at creating luxurious bedrooms, and incorporating subtle chinoiserie detailing. I think her offices are just as glamorous, and her signature style is evident here.
I think these images are actually the same as those on her webiste, and were previously published by Domino magazine.

I just adore this image (sorry for the crappy quality). The combination of the pale blue and all that white furniture is timeless, and so pretty. She’s used a wallpaper, or a painted mural, on the back wall and is not afraid to cover it up with black and white photos. Her desk and the chair behind it are stunning. And those lamps are amazing.

These curtains are fabulous, and the frog detailing on the soft pelmet is subtle but just enough to give a hint of the orient. The sofa, cushions, side chair and the porcelain stool are beautiful. I also love the casual feel of the sisal flooring.

I love this too. I have always been a fan of dark wooden floors with really pale walls and white trims, with silver details. So much so this is the look I went for when we renovated our house. I love the chandelier, its from Restoration Hardware. I also love the black details she’s used as a contrast, and especially like the idea of hanging art with ribbon.

Stunning combination of black, white and red. The horizontal stripes on the wall are very graphic, and again she’s used just a few chinoiserie pieces to give the room some interest.

These images are of a filing cabinet in her office, which I think was covered in a paper – possibly wallpaper or wrapping paper. But alas, I don’t read chinese so I may never know. If anyone can fill me in I’ll be rapt! (sorry, bad joke). This is a great idea though, I’ve done this before on bed side tables and it looked great.

More metal

I thought I might post a few more images I’ve found since my post on metallic wallcoverings. I think it looks equally wonderful on furniture as it does on walls!

Donghia also does a few variations – a gold leaf wallpaper and a silver tea paper.

This image is of an interior Jeffrey Bilhuber created (image from the Katie Did blog). I’m loving his work at the moment…

Another delicious dining room covered in metallic tea paper, this one by Mathew Patrick Smyth.

A gold-leaf cabinet by Barbara Barry from her furniture collection for Baker.

“Silver Screen” cabinet and armoire by Barbara Barry from her furniture collection for Henredon.

Vintage Glam

I felt like something different today, so I’m posting some fashion images. I love these shots of Polish model Daria Werbowy – so chic and soooo glamorous. I wanted to share them because I think this is the most beautiful fashion shoot I’ve seen in a long time. These images are from Vogue (the China edition, suprisingly enough), from April 2006. I came across a copy of the magazine at a cafe in Shanghai airport and fell in love with these images, as well as an interiors feature they had done on Mary McDonald’s office – my first introduction to her work. I was so taken with it that I took it with me…(yes, I stole a copy of a magazine – it’s dispicable, and I’m thoroughly ashamed of myself – I should clarify that it wasn’t for sale, it was an old edition sitting around for patrons to read…). Anyway, I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do.

Metallic walls

I’ve been noticing the use of metal leaf wallcoverings more and more recently and I’m thinking it can look quite stunning in the right setting. I’ve managed to find a few sources of wallpaper. Maya Romanoff and Phillip Jeffries both have metal leaf wallpapers in silver, gold and other colours. The only other way (that I’m aware of) to acheive a similar look, that is perhaps less of a budget constraint, would be to use a metallic or pearl look paint. Porters Paints (from Australia, but they have some international distributors) has a liquid gold, silver, stainless steel or iron paint, as well as lustre and pearlized finishes. Murobond (also an Australian company – not many international distributors unfortunately) also has a pearl paint that gives a similar look.

Both images are of Barbara Barry furniture collections, the top image is from her collection for Baker furniture, the one below is from her collection for Henredon. I am a huge fan of Barbara Barry and I love these two images above. I think the contrast between the dark wood furniture and the silver leaf used on the walls is stunning.

Both images from Jan Showers. I especially love the use of silver leaf in this foyer above – what a glamorous entrance!

I love the walls in this room, a bit bling and a bit old-world glam too. Both images are of the dining room in the Long Island home of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, decorated by Thom Filicia. From the Vogue Living special issue – Fall/Winter 2006. Wallcoverings shown here are from Roger Arlington Inc.

more for the Wearstler fans…

This is the gorgeous bar and restaurant that Kelly Wearstler designed at the Bergdorf Goodman flagship store in New York. I love the colours she has chosen for this space, they’re so fresh and modern, but also very glamorous and chic. Apparently BG wanted a space that would appeal to all ages, and I think she’s managed to accomplish that here. I think this project is also a bit of a departure from her ‘typical’ look, and she’s shown that she is capable of mixing it up a bit.

I love the wall panelling here, the gold and black work like magic together. Notice the mermaid sconce on the wall to the left? It’s the same as the one used in the dining room in my last post. They’re from Jean de Merry. I’ve noticed she uses a lot of their lighting in her projects, including her previous home. I just wish I knew where she gets her lamps from…!

I think Kelly has a fantastic eye for contemporary art, and has a talent for merging them into interiors that have great verve.

The wallpaper is from De Gournay, and it works so well here. I love the combination of the pale blue with this apple green. It’s so fresh.

The sconces here are also from Jean de Merry, and are the same as those used in the living room in my last post.

I just love the mirrored panels here – and the colours she’s used.

These ‘sea urchin’ ceiling lights are fantastic. The cabinet at the back of the room is KWID design.

I’m loving these canopied armchairs. She’s used them in a lot of projects recently and are starting to look old already, but I love them used here in this intimate table setting. All of the furniture seen here was made for the project by Sunview Finishing in L.A. (for anyone in the area, their number is 323-954 9263). Apparently she uses them a lot.

Images are from the KWID website and from Hospitality Design magazine – April 2006 (vo. 28).

I heart Kelly Wearstler!

I have been a big fan of Kelly Wearstler‘s work for a while now, but funnily enough had not got around to posting about her yet. I thought that for my first (of many, I’m sure) posts about her I’d share some images that are a little different from her usual colourful, ecelectic (yes, I think this word applies to her work) and seductive interiors. I love this home because it still displays some of her signature style, but its also a little of a departure from her well-known work because its a bit more restrained on the colour side, and mixes furniture and accessories from earlier in the century (1940’s), as opposed to a lot of the mid-century pieces she typically chooses. It still has a mix of periods and styles, but I think it has a very serene, sophisticated and glamorous look, as well as being sexy. I think its a testament to her skill as a designer.

This scan is pretty bad quality, sorry, but I love the colours in this room. She’s managed to make grey and yellow a very sexy colour combination (before anyone else, and its now a huge trend). I don’t know what the art on the wall is, but it looks like some sort of plaster relief. It’s beautiful. As are the lamps and that coffee table.

I j’adore this dining room. Proably because Kelly says she was inspired by the work of Andre Arbus. You can tell. I especially love those dining chairs, the side cabinets and the mermaid-like sconces.

This is such a masculine library, I love it. The red lacquered cabinets add a bit of a chinoiserie feel for me.

Images are all from House & Garden (US) September 2006.

Nathan-Egan Interiors

I picked up a copy of the latest edition of House Beautiful (USA) last night, and stumbled upon a design firm I had not heard of before – New York based Nathan-Egan. I thought I would share some photos I found on their website of projects they’ve completed. I love the colours they’ve used to create dark, moody and masculine interiors.

I love the mirror panelled wall on the right behind the piano.

I love these two images, the colours are soo rich and beautiful.

Steven Sclaroff

This apartment was also posted earlier this month (on Peak of Chic), but I wanted to post it again because I think it’s beautiful and deserves the attention! This is another masterpiece by decorator/antiquarian Steven Sclaroff.
Let me just say, I think the man is a genius with colour, and has a knack for creating rooms that look comfortable and lived in. Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of minimalism (sometimes), but if it’s not done right the place just ends up looking like a hotel room to me. I think its really important for a home to have pieces that have a personal history and for a home to be imbued with the life and memories of the occupants.

The living room is an amazing mixture of fabrics, colours and art.

The dining room is a symphony of pattern and colour.

I love the colours in the main bedroom.

I love this sitting room. The colours are so relaxing and a bit moody, but I love the arrangement of art on the walls.

Steven Sclaroff & Kate Spade

I know this apartment has been blogged about a million times, but I still love it. Kate Spade is an awesome designer, I totally love her preppy style, and her general chic-ness. This is the apartment she shares with her husband Andy Spade (brother to David Spade, the actor) and baby in New York. They had Steven Sclaroff help them with the decor. I love the mix (dare I use the overused word ‘eclectic’?) of colours, styles and furnishings, coupled with their collection of contemporary art.

I wish Sclaroff’s website actually had project photos on it…

Entrance with collection of drawings etc. I love the wall colour…

The living room is a crazy mix of colours, styles and somehow it all works.

They even make taxidermy look stylish.

I love the wallpaper (it looks like silk or seagrass to me), and the bright colours.

Another view of the master bedroom – I love the red striped fabric next to that chest of drawers.

Ensuite bathroom.
Spare bedroom (my husband would never let me use that much toile in the house, let alone one room!!).

Love the kitchen banquette and the tiled floor.

Fox-Nahem Design

I wanted to share some images from an old edition of Elle Decor USA (May 2001) – I’ve been carrying this magazine around with me since I bought it, and has moved from Japan to Australia to Hong Kong with me. This apartment is still one of my favorites to this day. When I first saw the living room it took my breath away. I don’t quite know what it is that I love so much about it, perhaps its the lightness in the room, the beautiful architectural detailing, and the exquisite selection of colours and furniture arrangement. This apartment is in an old Stanford White building in New York, and was designed by the firm Fox-Nahem.

I just adore this living room. The sofa was custom-made, the side chairs are Jean-Michel Frank replica’s and the slipper chairs are Billy Haines.

A Francis Elksins side chair in the living room.

Andre Arbus cabinet in the living room.

Vintage Italian 1950’s wing-back dining chairs in the oak-panelled dining room.

Custom leather sofa and shelving by Fox-Nahem in the library.

Stunningly beautiful kitchen.

Super sexy master bedroom.

Master bathroom.