Bathroom inspirations….

Okay, I promise not to bore you with more bathroom related posts after this…but as you can tell – I’m a little obsessed with bathrooms at the moment. These images are a little more modern than I am usually drawn to, but there is something in them that is still classic, but with a modern edge.

Love, love, love these mosaic tiles by Bisazza. And as you know, I also love diamond buttoning (see my previous post). I think these mosaic tiles would add a touch of femininity and timeless chic to an otherwise modern bathroom. These are definitely on my list of maybe’s for the future bathroom…

I also love these pieces wich are part of a bathroom collection that was designed by the Spanish designer Jamie Hayon for the Spanish bathroom company Artquitect. He has created an entire line (available in black or white) of furniture and bathroom pieces which have incredibly sexy shapes. These again are little more modern and organic than I’m normally drawn to, but I would love to use the sink pedestal on its own with more classic looking tapware and bowl.

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