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Anne Derasse

I just stumbled over these images of a lovely Paris apartment by Belgian designer Anne Derasse. So much to love about it…

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Paule Ka

While I’m on the subject of Paule Ka…I have to share some pics of the collection campaign for Fall/Winter 13/14.  The clothes are incredibly chic, but I also love the photography, and the location. If anyone knows what/where (I presume Paris?) this building is, I would love to know!

Serge and his muse

I have loved the French fashion label Paule Ka for quite some time…so I was pretty stoked to find some images of the Paris home of founder and designer, Serge Cajfinger. He says his real passion is interior design, and that’s pretty evident from these pics. Filled to the brim with great art and furniture…and a bird’s eye view of the city of light…from his bed! So jealous. Maybe in another life…

Serge with his muse, photographer Sonia Sieff.


Photos by Christopher Sturman for Harpers Bazaar Arabia, Jul-Aug 2013.

Damson & Co.

I’m so in love with these images I received last night of newly opened Damson & Co. in London, designed by Ian and the team at Central Design Studio.

The concept behind Damson & Co is a modern British Deli, focusing on artisanal local produce. And how good does that produce look…take me there now!

The interior is the perfect setting to sample a few treats…very English in a way, with a hint of industrial, which I love.  The furniture was all custom designed for the space, and how great are those light fixtures?

When good friends of ours move back to London next year I am certainly hoping to spend more time in one of my favorite cities sampling the wonderful fare on offer…and this place is definitely on the list.Right, now I think I’d best put the kettle on….

Photographs taken by James Balston, care of Central Design Studio.


So I just started checking out Pinterest.  I know, slow, right? Well, it has lead to a full blown addiction…which is what I suspected, and probably why I held out for so long. Anyway, my favorite latest discovery is the Balthazar champagne bar in Copenhagen, Denmark by Space Copenhagen.  Am loving the wall panelling, those fab chairs and the pink banquettes. I’d be quite happy propping myself there with a glass of bubbles and a few of my girlfriends on a Friday night…

Nancy Lorenz

While I’m talking about artists whose work I greatly admire, now seems the time to mention Nancy Lorenz.  I’m not quite sure when I became aware of her work, possibly when Elle Decor back in 2007 published the home of NY designer Jeffrey Bilhuber, whose bedroom walls feature a custom installation by Lorenz (below). Since then, I’ve been enamoured with her work.

Perhaps its her use of exacting and luxurious materials, perhaps its the fact we both spent time living in Japan. Or perhaps its both of those reasons. Either way, I am totally captivated by everything she creates.  These are a few of my favorite paintings she’s created over the years…

And objet she has lent her hand to…

Totally divine, don’t you think?

Olga de Amaral

There are so many things to love about the Colombian home of handbag designer Nancy Gonzalez that was featured in the latest AD (below). Designed with the help of Jean-Louis Deniot…how can you go wrong?  The serene colour palette, the furnishings, the openness of the space and…the light. Such a delight.

One of the many elements that really stood out to me, was the lovely piece by Gonzalez’s friend, Colombian textile artist Olga de Amaral.

I’ve been aware of de Amaral’s existence for some time now, so it certainly was nice to see one of her pieces installed in such a lovely interior.

Having worked with textiles for many years early in my career before transitioning to interiors, beautiful fabrics will always be my first love and a passion of mine, which is probably why de Amaral’s work speaks to me.

de Amaral’s internationally renowned work is often in the form of a large tapestries, and she is known for her architectural and sculptural constructions that “turn textiles into golden surfaces of light.” Her always evolving artisanal techniques which incorporate paint and gesso coated fibres, and precious metals, seamlessly integrate art, craft, and design. She is a pioneering textile artist, who in the 1960s helped to turn textile arts from a primarily 2D representational art form into a 3Dl, abstract art form.

These are but a few of her beautiful creations. I would love one of her pieces of my own one day…


“Gold is the abstraction of color.” – Olga de Amaral

Tap it

While I’m on the subject of details…tap fittings are another of those important features that sometimes get overlooked or not effectively integrated into an interior.  There are just so many out there that there is really no excuse…except perhaps your budget. But, budget permitting…here are a few of my current faves!

Love the clean lines and brass finish of “Purist” from Kohler
There are sooo many things to love about “Henry” from Waterworks
Lovely bronze details on the “Vir Stil” range, designed by Laura Kirar, from Kallista
And I love the brass/bronze industrial luxe range of “R.W. Atlas”, designed by Roman & Williams, from Waterworks

Love handles

I do love a good piece of hardware. There have been times, while working on a large project, when I’ve thought if I have to specify another hinge or handle I will die, but I do find it immensely satisfying finding the right hardware for a project. A great design is all in the details, and if you find something that works with your concept its a great moment.  Door handles particularly. Many people might not give them a lot of thought, but they are often the very first object that a person will see and feel in the space you’re designing, and if you get it right, it makes all the difference.

I’m still wrapped up in my love affair with brass (and bronze)….and so these little beauties caught my eye. I particularly love the combination with dark wood and the edginess they’d bring to a space. They’re the kind of love handles I don’t mind having 😉















This lovely New York loft is another that’s been percolating in the back of my mind of late. I love the colours…I wouldn’t mind doing something along these lines with the industrial space we are currently living in (although I WISH our ceilings were that high!). Designed by legendary Sydney based firm Burley Katon Halliday for an Aussie expat in NYC.

Funnily enough, our walls are a similar colour to this (although perhaps more of a mushroom), and our sofa is very similar to this…

This apartment was published in both Elle Decor and Vogue Living a few years ago, so I think these pics are a mix from both.

Rees Roberts

Its funny how you can kinda like a space on first viewing, but its then filed away somewhere in your subconscious, and after it has time to percolate, upon a second viewing just looks crazy amazing? Well this townhouse in NYC by Rees Roberts is one of those places. For me anyway. I love the dramatic colours in the dining room (and how great are those upholstered Prouvé dining chairs?), and the contrast of the light ethereal colours in the living space. So beautiful. I’m also kinda digging that pink tiger pattern on those footstools. The colours in that room come together so well I’m finding it rather inspiring.


If proof were needed that Hong Kong is well and truly on the art, antique and design map, then Gresham’s would be it. Gresham’s is Hong Kong’s only mid-market auction house – a welcome addition, or alternative, to Sotheby’s and Christie’s.

Gresham’s was founded by long-time Hong Kong resident, Steve Freeman, (you may recognise his name from his profile as co-founder of the HK magazine that we all know and love) and opened its doors on June 22 this year.

“In recent years, Hong Kong has become the world’s third centre of arts and antiques—after New York and London—attracting thousands of collectors every year. As a part of that scene, Gresham’s aims to offer the best quality arts and antiques at prices that are affordable to a wider audience,” says founder Steve Freeman.

Categories sold at Gresham’s include contemporary art, western and Asian furniture, ceramics, Asian art, Chinese painting, mid-century and modern design, fine silver, watches and jewellery, carpets, maps, prints, posters and much more. Gresham’s is scheduled to hold Saturday afternoon auctions at least three times a month. Each auction aims to showcase 200+ lots with pre-auction website listings and public viewings available. With two successful auctions already under their belt, the third – scheduled for tomorrow – will focus on Arts of China and Asia.

Doors will open this Saturday 12 noon, with the auction commencing at 3pm at Gresham’s lovely 6,000 ft2 saleroom in Ap Lei Chau.

I have my eye on these lovely silver Chinese miniature teapots. Super cute.

Gresham’s is open for consignments and bidders, and provides free and confidential valuations.

RIP David Collins

This may well be the hardest blog post for me to write.
I was sitting on the sofa browsing twitter on my phone last night while my husband washed our after dinner dishes…only to find news of the tragic death of my favorite designer, David Collins. At first I thought I had the name wrong, then that maybe it was a hoax. But no. Unfortunately a link to Vogue with an obituary & tribute confirmed the news. I am devastated.
How does this affect me personally? No, we were not family, or friends. We never met. We did exchange emails however. And I can tell you the day I saw an email in my inbox from David Collins I almost had a heart attack from the palpatations. In a way that having some direct communication from one of your idols can only do. “You know I am your biggest fan” he said about the blog. Those words will stay with me forever.
I think the first time I became aware of his work was when his own apartment was published. I fell quickly and totally in love, and had to know more, and see more. I fet like I’d found a simpatico soul, a kindred spirit, on the other side of the world. I love his aesthetic, and I feel we were inspired by many of the same things. On a personal and very selfish level, I’m so sad that we will not get to see any more of his beautiful work.
My heart goes out to his family, friends, staff, clients and anyone in his life. If nothing else, the tragic circumstances surrounding his death should serve as a reminder to all of us to live each day as if it were your last.
May you rest in peace, Mr Collins.


The latest name on the tip of everyone’s tongue in this city is Duddell’s, located in the floors above Shanghai Tang in their new Duddell street manse, was brought to us by the F&B wunderkind team who are also responsible for favorites such as The Press Room group, Jia Boutique Hotels, Duecento Otto & 22 Ships.

Duddell’s 10,000 square foot interior, which is spread over two floors, was designed by the one and only Isle Crawford, who seems to be another favorite around here.

I finally stuck my head in yesterday and can say that the space is rather lovely, and surprisingly quite minimal. The lower level is a Cantonese-cuisine restaurant, while the upstairs bar / lounge area facing the lush looking 2,000 sq ft terrace has more of a private-club-like ambiance. In typical Crawford style all of the spaces are decorated with a mix of classic 20th C designs and apparently custom designed furniture.

In addition to the food and drinks on offer, the space doubles as a space to showcase local art.  They apparently have plans to launch a continuous programme of talks, performances, film screenings and other events and there’s also talk of a rotating, guest-curated exhibition programme, and rumours Ai Weiwei may be a possibility to take on that task.

I think this might become the new regular haunt for dim sum and drinks with out of town guests!

get happy

Getting excited for the release of this in just a few months. Love these guys.