Books and the Beach

Its no great secret that my book wish list is about a mile long. I’ve treated myself and ordered a few lately in an effort to whittle that list down…although it seems there are more great new books being released than I have the capacity to buy…so alas, the list keeps growing. One that I did order that also was somehow off the radar is Selldorf Architects, the first (that I know of) monograph of the work of architect Annabelle Selldorf. Selldorf’s own apartment was featured in the latest German Architectural Digest so if you are a fan of her work like I am, go check it out.

As far as I’m concerned the best place to read said books is a quiet beach – or beach house. I’ve been fantasizing about the Malibu Beach House that Kelly Wearstler designed for her family and friends, and while I know this has already been blogged about probably a million times already, I just couldn’t resist sharing these images that were featured in the Spanish Architectural Digest this month. The beautiful photography is by François Halard, who also did the shoot for the recent Metropolitan Home spread, however some of these images are different.

I’m reserving one of the leather recliners in the living room (2nd image)…now all I need is someone to mix me a G&T!

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