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Thomas Maier does it again!

As many of you know I’m a huge fan of Bottega Veneta, and what Thomas Maier has done since becoming creative director. Well as far as I’m concerned, he’s done it again! I am so in love with their new spring collection, I almost one of everything – these are my faves…

Bottega Veneta Home

So I’ve become totally obsessed with the fashion label Bottega Veneta since Thomas Maier took over as the creative director. I already have one of everything from their clothing and accessories collections on my christmas wish list, and now the home collection has been released I am obesssing over that too. To me, its very reminiscent of Jean-Michel Frank style, lots of clean simple lines and most pieces are covered in leather. The item I’m coveting most is the desk (below). But, at a cool US $13,500 we might get snow in Hong Kong before I get this for Christmas….

Some images from their new autumn catalogue.

First post

I’m quite new to the world of blogging, but after having read a few design based blogs over the last few months I thought it would be a fun idea to start my own.

I am a designer of interiors, textiles, furniture etc. and I plan to use this blog to post photos of things that I find interesting and inspiring, as well as ideas and concepts for designs.

The first photos I’d like to share with you are from the fashion world, rather than interior-related, but equally as inspiring. I have been in love with soft muted pinks, stone, mushroom, silver, mauves, and purples for a long time, so I am now completely in love with the new collection from the fashion house Bottega Veneta. The designs are so feminine, timeless and so sophisticated. The photo on the left is my favourite…so audrey!

Love these colours, so pretty and feminine. The handbags, clutches and belts are also stunning, and I can imagine using those leathers on dining or luxe boudoir chairs.

The colour and design of this top& skirt (or is it a dress?) is so beautiful.

I’m loving these colours. The clutches are sweet too, and a little oriental looking.

This is a bit fun, don’t know I could personally get away with the puffy sleeves, but it’s light, summery and feminine, and I love the texture and colour of these pieces. I could imagine using the detailing for an austrian or soft london blind – lots of pleats to make it light and airy, and a modern interpretation of a traditional and ususally dowdy looking window dressing.

These designs are all stunning. The colours are so inspiring, as are the luxurious diaphanous fabrics used.

That’s it for now, hope to get back soon with some more wonderful images to share with you!